SUNY Transfer Path for Art Education

 The following Empire State College courses match the SUNY transfer path area identified courses.

SUNY Core CourseEmpire State College Equivalent
Foundations of Education HDV-284404  Human Learning: A Developmental Approach
Adolescent Psychology HDV-283174  Adolescence and Identity: Home, School, Community
Childhood Psychology HDV-283154  Theoretical Approaches to Child Development
HDV-281154  Introduction to Child Development
HDV-282504  Infant and Toddler Development: Introductory
foreign language (two courses in the same language) CUL-221304  Spanish 1
CUL-221314  Spanish 2
CUL-221324  French 1
CUL-221334  French 2
CUL-221224  Introductory Italian: Language and Culture
CUL-221424  Italian 2