Veteran and Military Education

Government Shutdown


New: Air Force

The Air Force is reinstating military tuition assistance.

Col. Jeff White, Air Force learning division chief noted "All previously approved MilTA requests for courses which began on or after Oct. 17 are reinstated."  For courses that started Oct.1-16 the Air Force will distribute a policy as soon as it is available. Air Force members should continue to monitor and the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC) at for the most current information.


Per the government shutdown:
“Functions essential to national security and public safety will continue, however, activities that are not expressly authorized by statute, necessary to discharge presidential powers, or considered necessary for the safety of human life and protection of property, including operations essential to our national security, will be discontinued and the civilians employed to accomplish these functions will be furloughed until an appropriation bill or CR is enacted.”

New: Army

Per GoArmyED:

Tuition assistance for classes with a start date of Oct.17, 2013 or after will be honored by Army Education.

The hold that is blocking new TA requests will be lifted shortly. A message will be posted when the program to remove the hold is initiated; Soldiers,counselors and school POCs should monitor GoArmyEd at  for this and future announcements concerning the Army's FY14 TA policies.

New: Veterans

Veterans Benefits Administration regional offices are open and resuming regular operations. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki stated, “We at the VA are working quickly to resume normal operations in order to fulfill our solemn obligation – to ensure that veterans receive the benefits and services they have earned through their service."

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The Navy is unable to fund any additional TA until FY14 funds have been allocated. Sailors' TAs that were processed prior to the shutdown were approved using FY-13 (last year's) funding. These FY13 allocations are still valid even with the government shutdown. As long as the sailor has an approved WebTA authorization then the TA voucher they can use it for the Nov. term.

Updates will be posted on the Navy College Program website at

Per Vice Admiral Bill Moran, here is the latest update on impacts to Navy Education:

Navy Education impacts summary:

  • Navy College Offices are open for normal operations servicing sailors.
  • Virtual Education Center is open for normal operations servicing sailors.
  • Tuition Assistance: Service members can submit WebTA applications. However, until funds are appropriated by Congress and the president signs it into law, tuition assistance cannot be authorized. Where there were FY13 dollars available prior to Sept. 30, and where a sailor submitted a command approved tuition assistance form, the Virtual Education Center approved the tuition assistance for courses starting in October and November. These approved tuition assistance requests should not be impacted. If, however, tuition assistance was submitted in FY13 for a FY14 course and the sailor had reached his or her FY13 tuition assistance funds cap, those sailors will have to wait for the budget/continuing resolution to be passed before their FY14 tuition assistance can be approved.

  • DANTES testing (College Level Examination Program, ACT/SAT, DSST) is on hold pending a budget or continuing resolution. This includes administration of exams to active duty members, spouses and civilian personnel. This affects administration of all exams funded by DANTES contracts with the national testing agencies. Stoppage affects testing computer-based testing and paper-based testing.
  • Service members may personally pay for retesting of College Level Examination Program and DSST computer-based exams at base sponsored and on campus National Test Centers.


Education Centers are closed, which means no counseling or processing of TA. It appears that if students have TA currently, they will be safe for the November term; however, new TA will not be processed until the Education Centers are re-opened. Continue to look for updates, as this might change.

Reported in Marine Corp Times: "A big uncertainty is the Marine Corps’ popular tuition assistance program. Marine officials say personnel who have TA are allowed to use it, but the civilian employees who process new applications have been furloughed as a result of the shutdown. So, while the program is still authorized, it’s essentially stalled."

Coast Guard

TA will not be affected if the shutdown is not prolonged and the Navy NCMIS system stays online. The TA staff is all military and will be onboard during the shutdown. However, the Coast Guard uses the Navy College Management Information System (NCMIS) staffed by Navy civilians, who are furloughed. If the Coast Guard finds NCMIS is unavailable, they will be unable to complete TA requests.

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Veterans Benefits Administration regional offices open and are resuming regular operations today. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki stated “We at VA are working quickly to resume normal operations in order to fulfill our solemn obligation – to ensure that Veterans receive the benefits and services they have earned through their service.

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No requests for financial assistance for military spouses under the My Career Advancement Accounts (MYCAA) program will be approved until further notice. Spouses who had already received approved financial assistance through the MyCAA program before Oct. 1 will have their approved requests honored.

Spouse Education and Career Opportunities counselors will continue to be available to provide education and career counseling services. Please call the SECO Career Center at 800-342-9647 or visit and monitor the MyCAA portal for updates.

Joint Service Transcript (JST)

At this time, the JST site is set to continue running as normal during the shutdown. This means that individuals can still access the JST site to order their transcripts and the transcripts should continue to run as scheduled during this time. 

However, most of the JST office will be affected by the furlough. This means that there may be a delay in responses to any email requests for assistance (account unlocks, transcript problems, etc.) depending on their workload and the length of the furlough.


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