Please read the following steps carefully if you are within nine(9) units (credits) of graduation and you are a GoArmyEd student. Failure to comply with these instructions may delay your graduation date!!

Step 1: You must notify us when you believe that you are within nine (9) credits of graduation. When we receive this notification, we will process a preliminary degree audit. Your student agreement will also be updated in the GoArmyEd portal. (This may take several weeks to process.) Please send an e-mail to to notify her that you are within nine (9) credits of graduation.

Step 2: When you have two (2) courses remaining on your degree program, you must complete our application to graduate. We will process the final degree audit and, if you are approved for graduation, you will receive a graduation information packet. Please click on this Graduation Form to complete your application for graduation.

Step 3: You will receive a graduation information packet, including information on the ceremony, reception and brunch, ordering your cap and gown, lodging, directions, and transportation. If you intend to participate in our next graduation ceremony, be sure to complete and return the forms by the deadlines requested.

Graduation requirements:

  1. Complete all course requirements for courses listed in your degree program plan.
  2. Tuition and fees for all courses taken must be paid in full.
  3. Complete and submit a graduation form (step 2 above).

The Center for Distance Learning graduates several hundred students each year. Our center holds an annual graduation recognition ceremony in Saratoga Springs in June for anyone graduating in spring, summer or fall of the previous year. The ceremony will be preceded by a brunch for families and friends. While the center does not have an independent alumni association, graduates are encouraged to join the College's alumni/student community. Please visit the Alumni Community web site for more information.