New Academic Program Development Handbook and Forms

Attached is the June 2010 version of the handbook.

For new graduate degree program concept papers, please use the template in the file attached below. It combines the college's concept paper and the SUNY Letter of Intent into a single document, reducing the work for faculty involved in developing proposals.

The Guidelines for Developing Certificate Programs were the first of the documents to guide faculty in proposing and developing new academic programs. These guidelines were reviewed and supported by CUSP and GSPC and are posted in the Policies and Procedures Manual under Procedures. The template in the handbook above incorporates these requirements. As we gain more experience with developing certificates at the college, we can revisit the processes and make adjustments.

SUNY Forms

All of the following forms can be found at SUNY Forms for Academic Program Planning 

Concept Phase:

  • SUNY Form 1A - Program Announcement (Undergrad)
  • SUNY Form 1B - Letter of Intent (Grad)

Proposal Phase:

  • SUNY Form 2A - New Program Proposal (Undergrad)
  • SUNY Form 2B - New Program Proposal (Grad)
  • SUNY Form 2C - New Certificate Proposal
  • SUNY Form 3A - Program Revision (Changes to an Existing Program)
  • SUNY Form 3B - Program Revision (New Program from an Existing Program)

Other Forms:

  • SUNY Form 2D - External Evaluation Report
  • SUNY Form 2F - Transfer Course Equivalency Table

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