Selected Readings on Plagiarism

Resources From U.S. and International Colleges and Universities

A Ghostwriter Comes Clean
The "ghostwriter" who anonymously indicted academics in an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education (2010) came clean a few years later.  This is what he had to say about academics and plagiarism once he'd stopped writing papers for others.

Head It Off Early
Another recent article in the Chronicle makes a plea to educate students in academic integrity before they become educators.

Cheating 101: Term Paper Mills and You
Margaret Fain and Peggy Bates of Coastal Carolina University provide a brief overview of the status of "cut and paste" cheating.  The list of paper mills is now out of date, because there are now too many too track.

Definitions and Best Practices
The Council of Writing Program Administrators offers this extensive document on definitions and best practices to prevent plagiarism.