Selected Readings on Plagiarism

Resources From U.S. and International Colleges and Universities

Plagiarism and Antiplagiarism
Heywood Erlich of Rutgers University has assembled a thoughtful list of questions and resources covering faculty and institutional concerns.

Electronic Seminar on Plagiarism
Created by the LeMoyne College Library in Syracuse, NY this site includes extensive readings lists, links to academic policies at other institutions as well as lists of free and commercial term paper web sites.

Cheating 101: Term Paper Mills and You
Margaret Fain and Peggy Bates of Coastal Carolina University provide a brief, but comprehensive overview of the status of "cut and paste" cheating.

Plagiarism: What should a teacher do?
In this essay, Rebecca Moore Howard of the Syracuse University Writing Program cautions academics to look closely at applying the term "plagiarism" to all situations where detection software indicates possible abuse. In November 2002 this paper was published in the The Chronicle of Higher Education under the title "Forget about Policing Plagiarism; Just Teach."

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