College-wide Budget

The Office of Administration is responsible for the fiscal planning process for the development of the annual collegewide budget. The budget function includes planning for all academic and administrative operations and the related resourcing of those operations. This function also includes providing managerial information, guidance regarding appropriate use and transfer of funds and routine analysis of allocations and expenditures to determine financial status. Please familiarize yourself with our webpage. If you cannot locate the information you are looking for, feel free to contact one of our staff members.

The Office of Administration is responsible for developing the following budgets:

  • College Operating
  • Income Fund Reimbursable
  • State University Tuition Reimbursable
  • Capital Projects
  • Research Foundation Development Funds

We also work closely with the Office of External Affairs on the development and monitoring of Empire State College Foundation programs and endowed funding.

The Office of Administration and its departments are responsible for the following:

  • Continuous Budget Preparation and Monitoring
  • Monthly and Quarterly Financial Reports
  • Revenue Projections
  • SMRT Management and Training
  • Security Administrators (SMRT, Legacy, SUNY Portal, SFS)
  • New Account Creation and Setup
  • Journal Transfers (allocation, revenue and expense moves)

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