Required Supplementary Financial Documents

You must have a FAFSA on file with the financial aid office to make your application complete. To apply for the 2020-2021 academic year, students must submit required documentation from 2018.

Your application must be accompanied by the following documentation based on individual circumstance:

If you reportedRequired documentation

Income from wages, tips, dividends, interest, rental, business profits

If tax return filed:

If no tax return filed:

No income

Social security, supplemental security income, or veterans non-education benefits

SSA Form 1099 or letter from the agency stating applicable year’s total award for each member of the household, including names of individuals.

Public assistance

A signed letter from the agency stating applicable year’s total award and names of recipients

Income from disability benefits, a pension, annuity, or unemployment benefits

  • Letter from the appropriate institution stating applicable year’s total award (if not already reported on a tax return)
  • Disabilities statement

You are a ward of the court or county

Letter or court document from the government, courts, or private agency responsible for your support

You have been determined to be homeless

  • Homeless youth determination from your high school or school district homeless liaison; or
  • Homeless youth determination from the director of an emergency shelter or transitional housing program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; or
  • Homeless youth determination from the director of a runaway or homeless youth basic center or transitional living program

You are an emancipated minor or in legal guardianship

Court order or legal document

You are married

Certificate of Marriage

You are on active duty

Military orders

You are a U.S. Veteran

Form DD214

You are a non-U.S. citizen and a permanent resident

Form I-551 (Alien Registration Card)

Child support, maintenance or alimony

Signed affidavit, court order, or legal document indicating amount of child support and/or alimony

Unusual circumstances

Notarized letters, statements, death certificates, etc., that prove claims