A.L.L. Office Manager Vera Kasson

Vera Kasson

A.L.L. Secretary Vera Kasson

Welcome to the Academy for Lifelong Learning (A.L.L.) website. Born and raised in a small rural Connecticut town, I started my career in the insurance industry and soon afterward moved to upstate New York, where I have made my home for the past 25 years. Over a zigging and zagging path that eventually lead me to the academy, my work in sales, marketing, corporate training, recruiting, customer service and event planning for insurance, software and marketing companies and then the railroad have prepared me well for the variety of behind-the-scenes responsibilities ­­­­­here at A.L.L.

An avid lifelong learner myself, I went back to college recently and acquired a second degree; this time in business administration. To say I’m in good company here would be an understatement; the accomplished, energetic, welcoming A.L.L. members are an inspiration and a pleasure. 

Come learn with us; we’ll save you a seat! Contact me any time at Vera.Kasson@esc.edu