Study Group Leaders Handbook Contents

The following is the table of contents for the Academy for Lifelong Learning (A.L.L.) Study Group Leaders Handbook:

Basic Concepts of A.L.L. Learning

A.L.L. Study Group Leaders

  • What Will be Expected of You?

The Proposal Process

  • Choosing the Topic
  • Testing Your Idea
  • Organizing the Course
  • Preparing the Study Group Proposal
  • The Role of the Curriculum Committee
  • Committee Review
  • Executive Council Action
  • Study Group Leaders Meeting

Preparing to Lead a Study Group

  • Gathering Materials: Limiting the Task
  • Structure and Method
  • Reading Materials
  • Equipment Needs
  • Guest Speakers
  • Field Trips
  • Course Syllabus
  • Co-leader or “Understudy”
  • Orientation and Social
  • Help from the A.L.L. Executive Director and the Office

Leading an A.L.L. Study Group

  • Leader’s Role and Responsibility
  • Introducing Your Plan
  • The First Session
  • Ongoing Guidance
  • Facilitating Discussion
  • Communication within A.L.L.
  • Visitors to A.L.L. Study Group Sessions
  • Study Group Rooms
  • Evaluation as an On-going Process

End of Term Procedures

  • Evaluation Forms
  • Historical Record
  • Congratulations and Thanks

Study Group Participants’ Roles and Responsibilities

  • Completing Assignments
  • Participating in Discussion
  • Reports or Presentations


  • Study Group Proposal Form
  • Sample Study Group Proposals
  • Guidelines for Copyright Regulations
  • Confirmation of Speaker - Sample Letter
  • Study Group Evaluation Form