The Academy for Lifelong Learning is carefully monitoring the COVID-19 corona virus and notifying members of updates as events unfold. Our host, SUNY Empire State College is taking proactive measures to protect the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff. For questions, please call Academy staff at (518) 587-2100, Jeff Shinaman x2390, or Vera Kasson x2415.

Frequently Asked Questions...And Answers

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What is the Academy for Lifelong Learning at Saratoga Springs (A.L.L.)?

A.L.L. is a nonprofit membership organization formed to meet the educational and cultural needs of its members. This is accomplished through peer-led study groups and a social program. We emphasize participatory learning -- small study groups of men and women who learn from each other about topics of common interest. We provide academic course work on a non-credit basis. There are no exams, term papers or prerequisites.

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Who are the members and where do they come from?

The Academy is open to all persons who share a love of learning and enjoy getting together to continue their studies regardless of the extent of their formal education. Most of our members are over 50 years old and live in the Saratoga/Capital Region, but we attract people from as far away as Bennington, VT and Olmstedville in the Adirondacks.

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How do I apply and what are the qualifications for membership?

For current brochure and application form, click the link or call the A.L.L. office at 518 587-2100 ext. 2415. Fall brochures are posted by July 1, and spring brochures are posted by December 15.

Membership is open to all persons upon payment of dues. There are no requirements for admission based on education, career background, or age, although most of our members are 50 years old or older.

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What are the terms and benefits of membership?

Annual Membership is $60 and goes from July 1 to June 30. You may join at any time during the fiscal year.

Academy Membership Benefits:

  • Eligibility to enroll in classes in the fall and spring terms
  • Participation in the Academy’s Special Interest Groups (gardening, hiking, bridge, etc.)
  • Participation in all social activities and special events, trips and programs
  • Discount cards to local businesses and restaurants
  • Free subscription to A.L.L. The News monthly newsletter
  • Copy of A.L.L. Member Handbook
  • Opportunity to volunteer and/or serve on Academy committees
  • Eligibility to submit work to “The Apple Tree,” the Academy’s literary and art journal
  • Have a vote at the annual meeting in June

Class Fees: first and second choices

$50 per 5-week or more class

$25 per 3 or 4-week class

Additional Classes: $25 per class for third and fourth choice classes based on availability (This includes 4-week classes) Once you are enrolled in your first and second choice classes, you will have the option of enrolling in additional classes for $25 per class after the first round of registrations based on availability. Please wait to pay for additional classes until you are enrolled in them.

To encourage good discussion, study group sizes are limited. Please indicate your choice of courses in order of preference and also list one alternate choice. If a study group is filled, you will be placed in your alternate choice. Wait lists will be established for filled study groups. Open classes will be announced after the first round of applications with registration on a first come, first served basis.

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Are scholarships available?

Yes. Half and full scholarships to cover membership dues and/or class fees are available each term on a confidential basis to applicants demonstrating financial need for all study groups except day-trip study groups.

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How do members participate in the Academy?

Members design, lead and/or participate in study groups on many subjects and in many formats. Academy study groups are seldom lectures because we believe active participation in learning is more fun. Members are usually expected (but not required) to join with others in discussion, research or brief presentations.

Members also serve on committees that coordinate each term's curriculum, set membership dues, publicize the program, organize social and special events and plan for the Academy's future. Others enjoy helping in the office, planning bus trips, and organizing Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Still other members may serve as class liaisons, assistants, and photographers or write articles for A.L.L. the News, the A.L.L. newsletter.

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What are the study groups like?

The study groups are small, usually no more than 25 participants and a leader. Lecture-style study groups are larger. Classes requiring more individual attention have a maximum of 15 participants.

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When and where do study groups meet?

The fall term runs mid September until mid November. The spring term runs from mid-April until mid-June. Most classes are held during the daytime on Mondays through Thursdays. All-day groups include hiking groups and day trip groups. Most study groups are held at SUNY Empire State College at 111 and 113 West Avenue and at other locations in the Saratoga Springs area.

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Are there any other organizations in the U.S. like A.L.L.?

The Academy is one of over 400 Lifelong Learning Institutes (LLIs) affiliated with the Road Scholar Institute Network. Based in local communities throughout the country and Canada, LLIs share Road Scholar's mission to provide quality educational experiences for older adults. Each LLI is usually sponsored by a local college or university.

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What is A.L.L.'s relationship to Road Scholar?

A.L.L. is related to Road Scholar through the Road Scholar Institute Network , which is a group of independent Lifelong Learning Institutes (LLIs) that share Road Scholar's mission of providing quality educational experiences for older adults. But, while Road Scholar is a travel program of intense study over a short period of time, A.L.L. and other LLIs are centered in local communities and offer study groups over several weeks duration, and, therefore, can go into topics in greater depth. Another difference is that LLI members make all the decisions about their individual programs, i.e., curriculum, dues and governance structure, etc. Also, A.L.L. is distinctive since all its study groups are participatory and peer led.

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If I join, will I have to lead a study group?

No, there is no requirement for course leadership to be a member of A.L.L. Members often find, however, that after several terms attending study groups they would like the challenge and reward of leading a group. Prior teaching experience is not necessary. The curriculum committee, experienced leaders and the executive director offer guidance and support for new and prospective leaders. Also, the Academy has published a Study Group Leaders Handbook which guides a prospective leader through the process from conception of the original idea for a study group to the final evaluation of the course. After leading one course, most leaders are anxious to develop another topic into a study group.

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What makes A.L.L. different from other college programs for senior learners?

  • All facets of the program are geared to the interests and needs of the members
  • A.L.L. is participatory learning.
  • A.L.L. is peer learning.
  • Members decide the curriculum.
  • Members decide the fees and scheduling.
  • Study groups are volunteer-led.
  • Members have the opportunity to lead a study group.
  • Classes are small, allowing more opportunity for participation.
  • Lecture-style classes are just part of the curriculum.
  • Terms are shorter than traditional college semesters.
  • There are no term papers or exams.
  • Most study groups are held during the daytime.
  • Few study groups are held during the winter months.
  • There is a social component.

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Can I earn a college degree from A.L.L.?

No. A.L.L. is a noncredit, nondegree program. Members attend study groups for the pure joy of learning.

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How can I find out more about the Academy for Lifelong Learning?

To learn more about A.L.L., contact the Academy office at 518 587-2100 ext. 2415 or send specific questions by e-mail to Executive Director Jeff Shinaman at

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