The Academy for Lifelong Learning is carefully monitoring the COVID-19 corona virus and notifying members of updates as events unfold. Our host, SUNY Empire State College is taking proactive measures to protect the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff. For questions, please call Academy staff at (518) 587-2100, Jeff Shinaman x2390, or Vera Kasson x2415.

Social Program

Social ProgramLearning in A.L.L. is a social as well as an academic experience. Common intellectual and creative concerns often provide a foundation for new friendships. Various A.L.L. business and social meetings held each term allow members to extend relationships formed in study groups.

Business meetings consist of committee meetings, general membership meetings and the annual meeting.

Although other events are termed "social," they always include an academic component. Annual gatherings in this category include the fall and spring term kick-off luncheons and All-Member Trips, the Holiday Luncheon, Winter Storytellers Series and the Annual Meeting/Luncheon.

The Academy encourages members to plan other outside events with the approval of the executive council. Activities which have previously been offered have included museum visits and attending theatrical performances. These have often served as an enrichment to a study group course of study.