Current A.L.L. Special Interest Groups

Listed below are the Special interest groups (SIGs) that are currently offered. If you are interested in another topic, seriously consider being a coordinator because we can’t have a group without one. The coordinator contacts the other members of the group, arranges the first meeting and chooses an assistant. The membership committee will help you get started, but after that the group will function on its own. There should be little teaching involved so that you do not take the place of an A.L.L. study group. There is no extra charge for these interest groups.

  • Bridge
  • Theater
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Book Club I (closed)
  • Music Appreciation Concerts
  • Golf

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I WILL BE A COORDINATOR FOR_________________________________________


Return this form to the A.L.L. membership committee or the A.L.L. office.