Study Group Leaders' Comments

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"Facilitating, stimulating, and motivating the art classes has been the most exciting part of leading classes. The creative results have been so rewarding to me that I have been inspired to try to do more in the field of art." Phyllis Marks A.L.L. Master Leader
"A teacher's major job is to motivate students. A.L.L. study groups are a breeze to lead because the members come already highly motivated!" Dan Craine A.L.L. Master Leader
"My experience as a group leader has been exhilarating and energizing. The members of the group are motivated, intelligent, curious, challenging and fun. I look forward to each session." Barbara Rosoff
"As a co-leader, I found that being involved as an assistant planner, preparer and secretary made the course much more interesting and valuable to me. I feel that this team approach has advantages in some of the courses." K. P. Dixon
" I have had the privilege of leading eight A.L.L. study groups. Each one was very rewarding - especially the class discussions and reports by participants. Also, leading these groups motivated me to investigate more deeply some areas of science in which I am interested. So they were learning experiences for me as well as for the participants." Frank Trerise
"A.L.L. offers a near perfect learning opportunity to come together with people who love to learn and share interests, but without the judgement and assessment often attached to the traditional classroom." Helen Fountaine
"If you've never been a group leader, try it! I did, and found it a great challenge and very rewarding." Hilda Cameron
"My study group was enthusiastic and supportive." Ted Alderson A.L.L. Master Leader
"It's always exciting to learn along with others, and some of my best learning happens when I teach." Marianne Finnegan A.L.L. Master Leader
"Being a leader, you meet fascinating people, both in your group and among your presenters." Carol Gregson
"Being a leader made me reach deep within and extend myself to verbalize and verify what I knew and didn't know about myself, about values, knowledge and world views." Claire Olds
"Leading a class is a gratifying expereince. I have found the participants very appreciative and eager to explore new places, things and ideas, making it a learning experience for all involved." Marie Balet
"Remember, you're not in this alone. Much help is available from the director, the A.L.L. secretary and other study group leaders." Eileen Danison