In an effort to better serve our students, SUNY Empire has made the decision to begin using an outside vendor to run the college’s bookstore operations. The company chosen is Missouri Book Services (MBS), which is a subsidiary of Barnes and Noble College Booksellers. The company was chosen for its ability to provide excellent college bookstore services to our students.

Important Dates

December 1

Students can begin using available funds in their financial aid accounts to purchase course materials.

January 19

 Spring A & B sessions begin


Login to get the most out of the new bookstore site.

Your personal account login is NOT the login used in the previous bookstore. The new login is the same as your college login. (If you are not a student, use the guest login.)  Logging in will allow your course materials to autopopulate on the website based on your registration.  Also, when the Financial Aid deferral period opens, it will allow the site to show the funds you have available, and allow you to use your funds.

Please read and be aware of the refund policy for course materials as it is very different from the previous bookstore. The college does not take responsibility for students not following the new policy.

If you have any questions about how to place an order, or any other questions regarding the bookstore, you can click on the link below.  If you need further assistance, clike on “Help” at the bottom of the bookstore website page.

For additional help, read: How to Purchase Books in the Bookstore