Why Citizen Science

In the fall of 2010, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology prepared a report, Report to the President: Engage to Excel: Producing One Million Additional College Graduates with Degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, which re-emphasized the concern that the recent number of students entering and graduating from STEM disciplines falls alarmingly short of the nation’s requirement for maintaining global competitiveness in science and technology fields. As a result, educators have emphasized the need to design curricula which actively engage all students in the sciences early in their educational careers. Incorporating field and laboratory experiences which relate to specific environmental challenges facing regions, communities, and individuals, and which introduce students to monitoring and data analysis technologies, can be effective ways of increasing student interest, participation, and retention in science disciplines.

The projects on this site welcome participation from student’s k-PhD. Some projects require that you create a user account before participating. Others are open to the general public. If the projects on this site to not meet the learning objectives of a particular course, a project can be created with the SUNY Empire State College Citizen Science Template.

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