Empire State College Council Meeting
Agenda | March 9, 2016
Coordinating Center, Saratoga Springs

3-9-2016 Agenda (PDF 234kB)

Council Business – Chairman James Lytle

  • Minutes Review and Approval

Report From Senate – Vice Chairwoman Thalia MacMillan

Report From ACT – Immediate Past President G. Angela Henry

President’s Report – President Merodie Hancock

Discussion Topic: New Academic Program Development

  • Introduction and Announcement – President Merodie Hancock
  • Exploration of How Academic Program Ideas Evolve – Provost and Vice President
    for Academic Affairs Alfred Ntoko
  • Research and Market Testing of New Program Proposals – Vice President
    Mitchell Nesler
  • Program Proposal and Approval Process – Acting Assistant Vice President
    Shelley Dixon
  • Program Launch and Success Measurements – VP Nesler, AVP Dixon


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