ESC Student Leadership Institute

We invite you to step up to the challenge of leadership and social change!

The Empire State College Student Leadership Institute has been established by the Student Affairs Committee in cooperation with the Office of Collegewide Student Affairs to enable students to develop, enhance and explore their leadership abilities.

The Institute is built on the framework of the social change model of leadership which includes consciousness of self, congruence with others and commitment to the larger community.

Focusing on these three areas, selected students will engage in a year-long institute that will meet them where they are in their own leadership evolution and propel them to the next step in their development.

Are you ready to meet the challenge?


Empire State College’s Student Leadership Institute is dedicated to empowering our students to develop and enhance their leadership skills, thereby creating positive change in the world.


Empire State College’s Student Leadership Institute gives students a year-long experience that will enable them to gain insight about themselves as leaders. Students will develop and enhance their skills in working with others to achieve common goals and positively impact the world.

Students will:

  • develop an awareness of self and empathy for  others
  • understand the principles of ethical leadership
  • develop problem solving skills
  • develop conflict resolution skills
  • refine their organizational and time management skills
  • develop public speaking skills
  • improve their self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • develop a positive relationship with challenges, failure and crises
  • develop communication skills
  • participate in a call to action.


We’re here to help.

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