2018 Empire State College Commencement

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Class of 2018

To the Graduating Class of 2018,

Congratulations on this momentous occasion. Commencement ceremonies mark both the ending and the beginning of a journey. We are honored to have been part of yours and look forward to hearing about your continued success. You have persevered and invested your time, energy and, indeed, finances to further your education. Your return on this investment will benefit you over the years to come as new professional and personal doors are opened, building a brighter future for you, your family and your community.

As you celebrate your graduation, I ask that you keep alive your quest for learning. Education is not just a degree obtained during a finite period of time; it is a lifelong commitment to continuously explore, challenge and appreciate the world around you.

We at SUNY Empire State College are proud of your achievements and honored to share in this event with you. We share your gratification in your accomplishments and in anticipation of what you will do next. In addition to receiving your diploma, you each will be awarded the Empire State College medallion, which signifies your successful efforts in earning your degree and joining a large and proud community of scholars.

As you go forward in life, we urge you to remember your experiences at Empire State College and ask that wherever life’s path leads you, you represent the college as an ambassador and keep us informed of your travels. Today, you join more than 81,000 Empire State College alumni and nearly three million SUNY alumni.

Again, congratulations and we look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Mitchell S. Nesler, Ph.D.
Officer in Charge

Creating New Traditions in Higher Education

We started with a vision of offering a college education to a growing population of adults who were working, who had started school and never finished, or who had family and other responsibilities.

An early visionary for Empire State College was SUNY Chancellor Ernest L. Boyer, whose wife, Kathryn, a nurse and mother, dreamed of earning a bachelor’s degree. Working with other academic thinkers, he helped create an alternative model for higher education, patterned after such unconventional colleges as Goddard, Hampshire and the British Open University.

James W. Hall was charged by Boyer with bringing to life this new vision of higher education that would be accessible, affordable and offer academic rigor. In 1971, SUNY Empire State College was born. From the beginning, we offered academic “mentors” rather than professors lecturing at the front of a classroom. Students collaborated with their mentors to devise a program of study uniquely their own that fulfilled their needs. Their education was individualized as they studied independently and worked one-to-one with their faculty mentors.

Empire State College was a forerunner in recognizing the value of the knowledge adult learners acquire outside of the classroom. The college grants credit for this prior learning, following a rigorous evaluative regimen. From the beginning, we attracted serious adult learners who, by choice or circumstance, had postponed their formal studies.

Throughout the last 47 years, the college has continued to be a leader in providing a high-quality education for adults. With more than 30 locations across New York state, we provide mentoring communities, where our students can study near to where they live and work.

We continue to develop groundbreaking, online degree programs for students across the state and nation, and around the globe. The college offers 12 undergraduate areas of study. The School for Graduate Studies offers a wide range of programs including master’s degrees, combined undergraduate/graduate programs, and more than 20 graduate-level advanced certificates.

Our Office of Veteran and Military Education eases the transition for veterans and the military into educational pursuits. International Programs enables students abroad, in places such as Prague, Athens and the Dominican Republic, to earn valued SUNY degrees. The college’s School of Nursing and Allied Health gives RNs the opportunity to advance to B.S.N. degrees, helping address the nation’s nursing shortage. The School of Nursing and Allied Health also offers a Master of Science in Nursing Administration and a Master of Science in Nursing Education. At The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies, young apprentices study to be union leaders.

With more than 81,000 alumni and more than 17,500 students, SUNY Empire State College continues to be a leader in adult education with its flexible and innovative faculty, staff and programs that serve the ever-changing needs of its learners.

Ernest L. Boyer

Academic Attire and Ceremonial Objects

Academic Attire

Academic regalia has a long and esteemed history, dating back to medieval Europe. A statute written in 1321 required that all “Doctors, Licentiates and Bachelors” of the University of Coimbra wear gowns. Whether the origin of regalia is in ecclesiastical or civilian dress is still not known. However, gowns may have been considered necessary for warmth in the unheated buildings frequented by medieval scholars.

The color and even the shape and material of academic regalia denote the degree and position of the wearer. The American Academy adopted a system standardizing academic apparel at Columbia University in May 1895, when a conference of representatives of the governing boards of various institutions established regulations for colleges and universities in the United States.

Specific academic subjects determine the color of the trimmings of doctoral gowns, edging of hoods and tassels of caps. For example, arts, letters and humanities call for white; commerce, accounting and business, olive brown; and education, light blue.

Red, white and blue braids are worn by our students who are serving, or have served, in the U.S. armed forces.

Ceremonial Objects

SUNY Empire State College has a tradition of presenting an academic medallion with the college’s orange-colored ribbon to graduates. These medals provide a way for colleges to celebrate their unique history, and to recognize their graduates in a personal and meaningful way, while adding prestige to the ceremony. Medallions for accomplishments have a long history. The first medals were awarded by the Hebrew high priest Jonathan to soldiers in the fourth century BCE for assistance to Alexander the Great. Medallions have since been awarded for military, sport, academic and other achievements.

The mace has its roots in the Middle Ages as a weapon used to protect processions of eminent personages, such as kings and religious leaders. Over time, the mace came to symbolize authority and, today, is carried at the head of ceremonial academic processions, such as commencements. While many are ornate, Empire State College’s mace is a simple, classic design that features a wood staff and head, and a metal inset of the college seal. State of New York artisans designed the mace in the mid-1980s and its holder in 2001.

By The Numbers

Alumni by Age Group

27% Alumni age 39 and under
44% Alumni between the ages of 40 and 60
29% Alumni age 60+

more than

more than

The Alumni Community


Dear Graduate,

On behalf of the office of Alumni and Student Relations, we would like to welcome you to the alumni ranks at SUNY Empire State College. You have joined a very special group of lifelong learners who understand the value of commitment toward an ideal.

Our alumni number more than 81,000, and we are pleased to count you among this elite membership. You will find Empire State College graduates all across the state of New York, the United States and throughout the world.

Now as an alumna/us, you may wonder what’s next. Each major location of the college and many of our smaller locations have alumni student groups that host various activities and events for our local alumni and students. We encourage you to attend these events and think about staying involved as a volunteer. We also are pleased to be able to offer alumni a robust program of benefits and services, including career services and various social media platforms for professional networking. For more information on all of our alumni programs and events, please visit our award-winning website, www.esc.edu/Alumni. Your association with SUNY Empire does not end with graduation; it is only the beginning.

Warmest congratulations to you and your families on your graduation day.

Maureen Winney
Director of Alumni and Student Relations
Keith Amparado '88
President of the Alumni Student Federation Board of Governors


Alumni House
28 Union Ave.
Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

The SUNY Empire State College Alumni House has a long and storied history. Originally designed in 1896 by R. Newton Brezee in the Queen Anne Victorian style, it had three prior owners before being purchased by SUNY Empire State College in the early ’70s. The house was renovated, maintaining its look and charm, while adding state-of-the-art, energy-efficient systems. The Office of Advancement moved into the house in March 2007.

The house is open to all alumni and students. Receptions are held here on a regular basis, to bring alumni together for friendship and networking.


Empire State College Council

James W. Lytle, Chairman
Anthony S. Esposito
Judith Quinn ’16
Patricia Ellen Salkin
Lewis P. Trippett
Daniel E. Wall
Linda W. Weiss ’83

State University of New York Board of Trustees

H. Carl McCall, Chairman
Merryl Tisch, Vice Chairman
Joseph W. Belluck
Courtney Burke
Marc Cohen
Eric Corngold
Robert Duffy
Angelo M. Fatta
Gwen Kay
Eunice A. Lewin
Marshall A. Lichtman
Stanley S. Litow
Richard Socarides
Carl Spielvogel
Edward Spiro
Cary F. Staller
Nina Tamrowski

Empire State College Foundation Board

Walter C. Williams, Executive Director
Marian Conway ’01, ’04, Chairwoman
Joseph L. Garcia, Treasurer
Guy Bassini ’11
Robert B. Carey
Phillip B. Catchings
John J. Corrou ’94
Susan Law Dake
Kristen Delaney ’12
Tina L. Evans ’97
Christopher J. Feeley ’86
David A. Fullard
Scott T. Johnson
James G. Karcher ’79
David J. Mazzetti ’10
Mitchell S. Nesler
Robert J. Roach ’96
Susan H. Turben ’72, H’05
Ann S. Turner ’86
Charles V. Wait Jr.

Alumni Student Federation Board of Governors

Keith Amparado ’88, President
Melva Visher ’83, ’96, Vice President
Lori Jiava ’12, ’13, ’16, Secretary
Kelly DiCarmine, Treasurer
Althea Luehrsen ’02, ’10, Past-President
Ralph Aloe ’04
Hady Aouad ’10
John Corrou ’94
Elaine Kitt ’03
Jeannie Lockwood ’13
Ada Martinez ’14
Kim Neher
Judith Quinn ’16
Jawana Richardson ’16, ’18*
James Roth ’05
Kevin Slattery ’13
Lindsay Valenti
Marcia Waffner ’05
Melinda Wilson ’16
Maureen Winney
Michael Woloszyn ’03

* 2017 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Recipient

State University of New York and
Empire State College Administration

Kristina M. Johnson, SUNY Chancellor

Mitchell S. Nesler, Officer in Charge

David Bejou, Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Joseph Garcia, Executive Vice President for Administration

Walter C. Williams, Vice President for Advancement

Mary Caroline Powers, Vice President for Communications and Government Relations

Clayton Steen, Vice President for Enrollment Management


Degree Candidates

The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies

Associate in Science
International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 Apprentices

Bayron Alcaino
David Alcindor
Paul Alogna
Leon Andrews Jr.
Rhandy Auguste
Arnyl Baptiste
David Barone
Bryan Beatty
Christopher Beetz
Shauntae Benjamin
Louis Bombardiere
Avery Bramble
Robert Bresloff
Dario Cacho
Anthony Caiafa
Michael Calamari
Justin Cay
Anthony Cepeda
Michael Cerbone
Alkaleem Chavis
Michael Conard
Leonardo Coppola
Christian Cortez
Robert Daly
Christopher Davis
Roman Davydov
Rahnell Dawson
Timothy De Filippo
Richard De Pena
Charles Diaz
Duran Dominguez
Trevor Dutchin
Gregory Encarnacion
Christian Evangelista
Martin Fernandez
Nicholas Fernandez
Scott Fernandez
William M. Ferrato
Carlos Fortiz
Frederick Gallipoli
Kenneth Gilhuley
Fausto Gomez
Juan Gonzalez
Colin Hardy
Michael Harms
Mike Hernandez
Sharod Hill
Jonathan Iacovino
Pierre Jean-Jacques
Roosevelt Joseph
Luftim Kaziu
Bryan D. Kelly
Richard La Pera
Nicole Leo
Julio Lozano
Joseph Lupo
George Mastoris
Francis Masucci
Eric McPherran
Timothy McVey
Jeffrey Melendez
Michersy Mendoza
Giovanni Milligan
Glenn E. Mitchell
Michael Mongalieri
Daniel Moore
Steven Morris
Samory Mullings
Timothy Nolan
Alejandro Obando
Kenneth Otero
Steven Parente
John Pellegrito
Philip Raimondi
Abad Ramos
Ganish Ramoutar
Alan Redman
Shai Rivera
Anthony Rocco
Janay Rose
Albert Salvador
Jesse Schieren
Douglas Scott
Matthew Sheinin
Rezar Sheri
Adam Siegel
Travis Simon
Tatiana Smith
Thomas Soriano
David Soto
Frederick Steinfeld
Charles Tandoi
Dashauwn Taylor
Bryan Tejeda
Giancarlo Todaro
Miguel Trevino
Demetrios Tsapelas
Eric Vargas
Monica Vaughan
Leonardo Vazquez
Hilton Velez
Nicole Wachter
Jermaine Walker
Daniel Werter
Princess Williams
Rebeccah Williams
Edwin Worrell
Christina Young
Scott Youngs
De Zhi Yu
Constantine Zografakis

Associate in Science
International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Westchester-Fairfield Apprentices

Patrick Cucinell
Jesse Jorge
Pedro Lugo
Christopher Mendez
Esteban Rivera
Victor Rodriguez
James Romano
Gregory Spear

Associate in Science
The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies General Membership Laborer’s International Union of North America Local 79 (LIUNA)

Justice Favor*

Associate in Science
United Association of Plumbers Local 1 Apprentices

Antonio Antonaros
Carol Barclay
Steven Barth
Tyquaan Bishop
Anthony Calzaretta
William Catanese
Dion Collins
Jonathan Colon
David Craig
Joseph Dailey
Anthony Demartino
John Denaro
Bobby Diaz
Jose Fernandez
Luigi Fuschetto
Michael Gambino
Joseph Giambrone
Christopher Giammarino
Kenneth Gluck
John Granger
Louis Halpern
Michael Hannafin
John Kench
Brandon Khederian
Andrew Korn
Matthew Leibstein
Joshua Lopez
Michael Lukenovich
Michael Maragos
Jonathan Morisset
Brett Pender
Salvatore Pirrone
Roberto Rivera Jr.
Robert Romano
Adam Schaller
Michelle Spencer
Ramone Symister
Giacomo Timmoneri

Associate in Arts United Federation of Teachers Paraprofessionals
Victoria Arcaro
Dawn Arci
Odette Aziz
Marcia Bowes
Dena Campanella
Mark Carter
Stacey Convery
Susan Franklino
Idonia Gonzalez
Lambrina Gournelos
Stephanie Harper
Khadidja Jabbi
Richard Jenkins
Chandra Knight
Agatha Martino
Erica Martino
Kristen McCormack
Lisa McGovern
Jeannine Omara
Maria Parello
Melissa Puglia
Marta Reyes
Minerva Rodriguez
Michelle Senior
Camille Tagliani
Theresa Trezza-Steinweiss
Stuart Zak

Bachelor of Arts International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 Apprentices
Leslie S. Banton
Jose Coto
Jonathan Cruz
Dennis Guerin
Jonathan Klutch
Jillian Lifson
Danny Seara
Michael Won
Ginger Worrell
Monika Wrobel

Bachelor of Arts United Federation of Teachers Paraprofessionals
Dorenda Batts
Josephine Catapano
Deborah D’Addio
Rachel Efrosman
Laurie Fantauzzi
Rosemarie Hogan
Laureen Kenwood
Karen Lamarre
Bernadine Leonard- Sampson
Cheryl Melchiorre
Domenica Nardone
Pamela Pasko
Michael Pietrosante
Camille Susino
Ana Toaspern

Bachelor of Science International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 Apprentices
Justin Gembitsky
Paul Kurland
Shawn Mark
Rebecca McDowell
Angela Marta Neuhaus
Ryan P. O’Connor
Rahimberdi A. Orazkuliyev
Keith Willis

Bachelor of Science United Federation of Teachers Paraprofessionals
Kim Banayan
Jennifer Fusco
Deyaniry Nunez
Joseph Parnell
Lissette Perez

Bachelor of Science The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies General Membership
Maurice Nesbitt

20-Credit Program International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 Apprentices
Frank Bernarde
Gregory Bohdanowycz
Robert Corcoran
Reuben Donaldson
Thomas Flynn
Alejandro Garcia Arcentales
Christopher Lim
John Mandile
Ashik Miah
Harold Prigge
Anthony Reynolds
Andre Santiago
Keith Smith
Christopher Telesco
Warren Young

20-Credit Program International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Westchester-Fairfield Local 3 Apprentices
John Biagi
Anthony Friedman
Adrian Reyes

* 2018 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Recipient

School for Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Certificates

Christopher Lee Allen
Anthony Dirosa
Melissa Hegarty
Dana Henry
Mariama James
Devan Manan-Singh
Jordan Roy Morgan
Shelly Ann Poor
David Michael Smith
Sarah J. Terrell

School for Undergraduate Studies

Associate in Arts

Sabaria Adossa-Pittman
Shaquille A. Allen
Kelly R. Barravecchio
Vincent Berardi
Cynthia Bonnette
Donald Campbell
Nicole Canady
Claribel Castillo
Cleopatra Christodoulides
Aaron Cipparuolo
Gail S. Clark
Joseph Christopher Cochran
Rochelle Collins
Jessica Contreras
Amber S. Cruz
Adelina Davi
Jennifer Marie Dean
Nikole Denoie Hafele
Kathryn Destefano
Joella Di Lemme
Karen Disomma
Jason Durkin
Martha Echols
Wanda Figueroa
Gregory Flowers
Krystle Fontanez
Dawn Forte
Evelyse Fung
Emily Gagnier
Barbara Garfinkle
Cheyanna Grant
Carly Haefeli
Melissa Hamlin
Ben Harburg
Maggie Lynn Hayes
John Heckman
Alyce Hens
Olimpia Herrera
James Howard
Svetlana Z. Ince
Richard Isaacs
Nancy Regina Jackson
Diamonique Jeffries
Gene Bavon Jeter
Ralik Jones
Dana Marie Keddy
Jeannine Kelley
Katariina Kianna
Brittany Klatt
Tawana Knight
Michelle Knowles
Leah Lear
Gabor Lehi
Janel Little
Assana Lloyd
Princess Logan-Williams
Samantha MacKay
Sean Magill
CaitlynMarie Martin
Christopher Martin
Marcella Martinez
John Mazzaro
Carol Mehnert
Gloria Mendez
Trisha Milano
Chantea Mitchell
Devin Mitchell
Tanazha Mitchell
Frank Morales
Lydia M. Mullin
Tanisha Najac
Joanne Narducci
Joseph Noto Sr.
Lisa Nuzzi
Rebecca Olney
Evelyn Perez
Jane Persichetti
Ashley Peterson
Melissa Phelan
Matthew Philie
Kenneth Pollock
Patrice Ratcliff
Amanda Rezzonico
Amber Rindfleisch
Andre Robinson
Elissa Ann Rocle
Nelssy Rojas
Charmaine Michelle-Marie Rose
Marisa Russo
Shauni Sansbury
Lynn Dorothy Saum
Kristie Schmidt
Saba Shuler
Tracy Singh
Maranda Sloan
Tifanie Smith
Marisa Corbiere Sorrenti
Lisa Soto
Ciara Stewart
Sheila Stroud
Jonathan Swarthout
Alexandria Swota
Emma Torres
Stefanie Vaccaro
Gladys Vasquez
Kaitlyn Michelle Veloce
Amber Venning
Mirisa Villeda
Courtney Williams
Edgar Williams
Shaun Williams
Paulette Francine Young

School for Undergraduate Studies

Associate in Science

Kirolos Abdelsayed
Linda Achtyl
Edward Adade
Tina Agard
Tiffany Alston
Edgardo Altamar
Fariesa Ansoralli
Kristi Anzalone
Alvin Arocho
Felicia Astacio
Kelsey Attenhofer
Deborah A. Austin
Samantha Badillo
Cassidy Baker
Cassie Barnes
Robert Barnes
Sheri Barnes
Shelly Barnwell
Kimberly Basile
Sarah Basilio
Zenzele Bell
Sarah Bemis
Teri Benitez-Drake
Chelsey Besaw
Darby Blair
Alexander Blaske
Dennis Blattenberger
Gerald Bohart
Crystal Ranee’ Bolling
Joel Bonner
Patricia Boorman
Antoinette Borriello
Lisa Bors
Harvey Bostic
Abi’gaelle Brevil
Lyneisha Bright
Nykisha Brown
Melinda Brugger
Dorinda Bryant
Gregory Bryant
Jessica Bulriss
Rosemarie Burgos
Sean Byard
Joanne Caldarelli
Angelica Capellan
Harlie Carey
Lauren Carey
Bridget Cariello
Zobeida Carlina
Erica Ashley Caroccia
Esther Carvajal
Kathleen Danielle Cash
Priscilla Cassarino
Diana Cassulis
Katherine Castellano
Melissa Cavaco
Joseph Cavanagh
Danielle Chaitkin
Tina Chapman
Laura Chermak
Kenneth Chizuk
Andre Christie
Lashanda Clark-Mc Cadney
Joy Cohen
Henry Coira
Zachary Colby
Christine Coleman
Tasia Coleman
Eugenia Coleman-Sims
Mariela Collazo
Toneisha Dianne Colson
Brant Conine
Michelle Contryman
Audrey Cooper
Danielle Cornwell
Christopher Cowart
Rebecca Crawford
Theresa C. Cusmano
Caryol Daley
Martha Darby
Julie Davenport
Victoria Davis
Massimo De Francesco
Terry Dehollander
Jason Michael Deluca
Emilee Delutis
Michael Anthony Diorio
Alyssa-Rae Diveglio
Nicole Donadio
Martin Dorren
Capris Downing
Matthew Duffney
Madison Dumas
Sarah Duquette
Willis Earl
Jannell Eason
Paige Ellen Eganski
Vanessa Elias
Sabrina Elliott
Megan Emerson
Yesenia Alexandra Endara
Anthony Espinal
Diera Ester
Marianne Falcone
Kimberly Favor
Julia Fergerson
Rachelle Ferrara
Anastasia Fielitz
Donna Kayley Fleming
Karen Fletcher
Catherine Foley
Kevin Foster
Nicolina Foti
William Franklin
Teshandeh Fredericks
Deborah Fry
Theresa Fuller
Karen Fusco
Evan Gadway
Kristina Gadway
Salverina Gallo
Alicia Genovese
Nathan George
Charles Geraci
Diana German
Justine Ann Giarrusso
Nicholas Gisondi
Morris Goldberg
Lisbel Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez
William Patrick Gonzalez
Jeffrey Gordon
Karen Gould
Elizabeth Grabski
Brett Grant
Joanne Grant
Volkan Guven
Angela Hadfield
Maureen Hagen
Sophia Halley
Robin Hallinan
Phoenix Hamilton
Amanda Hansen
Tina Marie Harper-Ricks
Natalia Harvin
Bibi Narifa Hassan
Stacey Hatfield
Stephanie Hayes
Tyrone Hayes
Ryan Heinrich
Julie Heller
Michael P. Henriquez
Leslie Hernandez-Prado
Barbara Hinds
Jessicalynn Hogan
Rashawn Holman
Jennifer Hopkins
Tiffany Howard
Susan Huffman
Doreen Ingenito
Daniella Ioselevich
Franchon C. Jackson
Abigail James
Mohammed Jawad
David Jenkins
Justin Jerzak
Barbara Joel
Fela Johannes
Aneisha Jones
Erica Jones
Kathleen Jones
Valen Akira Jones
Arielle Karlstrom
Serkan Kaya
Tammy Kilmartin
Kristin King
Joseph Koenig
Amy Koltosky
Katie Kristof
Laurena M. Kulpowsky
Akkil Kurian
Michael Kuznia
Alice Lagana
Carissa R. Laiacona
Jhovanna Lamarche
Ariana Larosa
Brian Latulipe
Lisa Lauritsen
Stephanie Lavalley
Debra Lawrence
Keithie Lawrence
Jessica Leavitt
Tianna Leduc
Laurie Lewis
Anna Lieser
Sonia Lieto
Meaghan Lobaito
Johnna Beth Lobiondo
Natalia Loja
Nancy Long
Sandra Lopata
Allison Lord
Dante Love
Taylor L. Ludewig
Jaclyn Lute
Melissa Lyon
Stephanie MacDonell
Kerisa Magee
Allyssa Maison
Johnathan Malinowski
Shawn Mangan
Adnan Maqsood
Joseph A. Maresca
Kelci Marie Margiasso
Dennis Marney
Yamileth Martinez
Amanda May
Gloria Mays
Virginia Mazzarella
Anne McCarthy
Nicole McCue
Taj McDonald
Samantha McGinn
Sidney McNeill
Lynette Meeker
Jarri Melton
Insha Mendis
Oberne Merisier
Madison Messina
Mary Metzger
Seraiah Michel
PhyllisAnne Millus
Casey Milsop
Brittany Mondido
Jacob Monkelbaan
Jillisa Morehouse
Angela Mormina
Mirta Munoz-Kennedy
Shawna Murphy
Susan Murray
Leyla Mustafoski
Danielle Naismith
Marlyne Lisette Nelson
Christine Nickel
Chris Nix
Christopher Nohejl
Briselly Nunez
Emma Nunn
Gabrielle Nurod
Alisha Oliver
Amanda Olmstead
MaryEllen O’Loughlin
Joel Ortiz
William Ortiz
Leticia Otis
Vanessa Owens
Darren Padgett Jr.
Gerald Page
Nicole Pallone
Andrea Palmer
Beth Palms
Misty Palone
Vincent Paonessa
Krysten Paradise
Erin Pashley
Aaron Pasisz
Nathan Patnode
Stanley Pazos
Yocheved Peikes
Anthony Pentecoste
Michael A. Perez
Olivia Perez
Laura J. Perfetti
Angela Perrotti-Sousis
Cherrilan Perryman
Rachel Petroccitto
Heidi Pfleuger
Scott Piccolo
Angelina Pietrantoni
Jacqueline Place
Kajohna Primus
Nicole Priore
Jade Purdy
Cody Putnam
Maryann Rainey
Kenneth Ramirez
Juan Ramos
Nicholas Raponi
Jennifer Rayno
Claudia Reuben
Jonathan Reyes
Jose Nestor Rivera
Latoiya Robinson
Elsie Rodriguez
Emma Rodriguez
Leylanie Rodriguez
Edwin Romero
Kimberly Rosario
Amy Rose-Huston
Heather Rosplock
Amanda Ross-Scott
Maria Roy
Natalie Ruggiero
Jeremy Runkles
Shayley Russell
Zachary R. Russell
Abbi Russo
Rosmond Ryan
Dylan Sands
Chantelle Jasmin Santiago
Tina Santiago
Tanner Sawyer
Enza Scala
Shannon Schaare
Donald Schiffer
Jacqueline Schiller
Daphne Schneider
Lindsay Schott
Sara Schrider
Joanne Scichilone
Arnette Scott
Juliet Scurry
Heather Sengbusch
Peter Seymour
Kathryn Sharp
Francis Sheehan
Joseph Shelters
Aimee Shepard
Victoria Simeone
Samantha Simpson
Rachel Singh
Christine Single
Barbara Jean Smith
Germain Smith
Natalia Francine Smith
Theresa Smith
Robert Sobel
Michelle Jenine Soles
Andrea B. Sollitto
Paula Sorci
Susan Spanitz
Sandra Staggers
Delia Stanley
Alexander Steciuk
Emily Stirling
Kristen Suffredini
Ashley Tallarida
Jessica Teets
Yvette Thomas
Luigi Tirro
Erin Tooley
Paige Tricomi
John Trypaluk
Juan Urquhart
Brianna Valot
Michele Vasquez
Joanne Vassar
Laura Vega
George Adan Velez Jr.
Todd Vickery
Manuel Vingua
Maryann Viola
Vanessa C. Vitadamo
Tammy Vitale
Michael Wage
Christopher Walczak
Donald Wanner
Denise Webb
Crystel Welker
Christina White
Kimberly White
Kristi Will
Cheryl Willard
Shayanne Willard
Malachi Williams
Shelby Williams
Arielle Wolter
Ellen Wood
Christopher Wright
Amber Wulf
Danielle Zaccagnino
Stephanie Zelicskovics

School for Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Jenna Abrahamson
Elena Ackley
Taylor Acresti
Catherine Adamo
Umar Adeyola
Migdalia Alequin
Sara Alfaro
Liza Alicea
Lara Armstrong
Vanessa Armstrong
Julie Arnold
Kenneth Austin
Areesa Bacus
Shireen Badat
Allen Baez
Cherice Baldwin
Gabriella Ballou
Breanna Barry
Caleb Batman
Renee Battee
Christina Becker
Claritza Belliard
Brittany Bellinger
Aaron Belsky
Lucia Beltre
Kathy J. Bernstein
Jessica Bianchi
Samantha Bishop
Laura Black
Lenora Blackwell
Tami Bone
Chris Bowman*
Patrick Boylan
Nora Bradbury-Haehl
Paul Bradley
Tammy Brooks
Gordon Brown
Milton Brown
Patrick Brown
Sheahan Brown
Naima Juana Burnett
Theodore Daxton Burnett
Suzanne Burnham
Carlee Burns
Elenamarie Burns
Francesca Cacace
Naomi A. Campbell
Christopher Canty
Laura Carey
Jeremy Carlstedt
Bobbi Jo Carter
Stacy Carter
Hipolita Castillo
Mark Paolo Azarias Castro
Kimberly Cheeks
Pierre-Milor Chery
Kimberly Childs
I I Chou
Tabatha Cleckner
Leora Cohen-Rosenberg
Haven Colbert-Wilcox
Scott Coldren
Tracey Coleman
Camille Cone
Stefanie Corey
Harry Correa
Erica Corso
Erika Cortez
Rae Crenshaw
Ana Crisano
Keith Crook
Alexandra Cummings
Wendy Cummings
Stanley Curry
Bethany Czernicki
Mordechai Dachs
Derek Dale
Giancarlo D’Alessandro
Danielle Dalton
Tiffany Dangelico
Eurissa Daniels
Jessica De Bolt
Brenda Deeghan
Jennifer Degroff
Mara Delaus
Alyssa Delpha
Zamantha Demera
Jaeson Demers
Tikoreya Diaz
Melissa Dicarlo
Geralyn Didonna
Leslie Diebold
Gerianne Dobmeier
Geoffrey Doig-Marx
Lisa Dominique
Joyce Donnachie
Nancy Dorau
Cara Duffy
Robert Dugan
Tanya Duval
Maya Dwyer
Eric Eddy
Robert Edwards
River Eirtree
Lina Elnagdy
Katrina Engell
Alexis Epperson
Abigail Evans
Paulina Falcone
Tiffany Farrell
Katherine Ferrante
Damon Fields
Esteban Figueroa
Christina Fiorino
Emilie Flagg
Maria Flores
Jacob Fox
James Fox
Martha Freese
Hannah Fried
Michael B. Frost
Jennifer Gaeta
Elizabeth Gall
Melanie George
Natal’ya Gol’tsfarb
Gustavo Gonzalez
Jenna Graziano
Shalaya Green
Shantai Green
James Griffen
Cynthia Marie Guigliano
William Gunderson
Andrew Haag
Janet Haskell
Kimberly Helsing
Erisel Hernandez
William Herrera
Anna Hess
Emily Hoffman
Maryann Holland
Sairy Holland
Mariana Theresa Howard
Marquita Hunter
Carol Iaciofoli
Deborah Ingles-Schwalbach
Dariel James
Zachary Jensen
Efton Jiles
Audrea Johnson
Eric Johnson
Linnea Johnson
Earl Jones
Jessica M. Jones
Lena Katz
Nandar Kerr*
Travis Ketzak
Hourieh Khalil
Katie Kiernan
Vanessa King
Eric Klingensmith
Ariel Kurtz
Nicole Labarbera
April Land
Patricia Laufer
Elizabeth Lauricella
Noel Lavin
Emilia Ledesma-Alfaro
Derek Lepine
Anna Levkovich
Reuven Levovitz
Jeremy L. Lewis
Seon Lewis
Tiffany Dorleen Lewis
Kristina Linville
Wendy Linville
Assana Lloyd
Jessica Lowe
Eric Loyola-Meza
Katie Lynn
Crystal Mackove
Vincia A. Maloney
Victoria Mannino
Rema Marks
Emily Marshall
Davida Martin
Alisha Martinez
Crystal Martinez
Michelle Masciana
Carly Mason
Hector Mata
Brooke McGarr
Kristin McGivern
Caleah McMillan-Cole
Esmeralda Merveille
Clinton Millhouse
Nicole Ann Mino
Paul Mitchell
Paris Morales
Sandra Morales
Roszel Morris
Megan Mottola
Ashley Munroe
Charles Murray
Courtney Mykins
Tanisha Najac
Donna Nardo
Victoria Nellis
Shannon Nelson
Jacquelyne Nemeth
Juan Nicholson
Christopher O’Connor
Alexander Oliveri
Barbara Olney
Thomas O’Sullivan
Kate Overbeck
Khristian Owens
Maribel Pagan
Tierra Paisley
Kristen Paniccia
Keith Panzarella
Kathleen Pappas
Kate Paredes
Lillie Parker
Rebecca Parker
Tommie Parsons
Alasandra Patat
Andrew Patterson
Naomie Paul
Jillian Morgan Penighetti
Joy Pereths
Marti Peretzman
Andres Perez
Avian Perez
Jessica Peterson
Melissa Petrovsky
Rebecca Polyak
Michael Pontrelli
Claire Posavec
Halee Potter
Tonya Potter
Rebecca Puccio
Meir Rabinowitz
Robert Race
Tamara Radcliffe
Runa S. Rahman
Amanda Raikes
Arthur William Ramsay
Julie Rapelje
Rebecca Ray
Jordana Resse
Luke Riccio
Fannie Riccobono
Gisele Rice
Daryl Richardson
Christine Rifenburgh
Samantha Rinaldo
Wanda C. Rivas
Benigna Rivera
Rachel Rivers
Alicia Robinson
Jamel Robinson
Samantha R. Robinson
Caren Rodriguez
Johanna Roldan
Norma Romano
Avigail Rosenbaum
Gitty Rosengarten
Jacqualin Ross
Cordell Roulhac
Rosemarie Ruiz
Toni Russo
Arjeta Saljaj Gjenashi
Damaris M. Sampayo
Crystal Sanchez
Felix A. Santiago
Laura Saracino
Kylie Sargent
Daniel Schaefer
Katherine Scheutzow
Daniel Schmidt
Julianne Scopa
Charles Seddio
Amanda Serrano
Shawn Sharkey
Aviva Therese Shechter
Kristine Shipone
Dustin Shronts
Nicole Signore
Richard Simmons
Iquana Smalls
Helese Smauldon
Andrea Smith
Doreen Smith
Paul Smith
Lesley Soules
Ashley Brooke Stapleton
Anna Leigh Stechyshyn
Ashley Stewart
Kristina St. John
Maria Suarez Mejia
Emily Sussman
Margaret Eileen Taft
Nicole Anne
Samantha Taylor
Ellen Terry
Kevin L. Theodore
Frances Rosemary Thomas
Gina Thomas
Adolfo Tibana
Joseph Trapani
Madelyn Urena
Agustin Valdes-Riccardi
Joseph Valiakulathil
Kayla VanNorstrand
Monique Vaughn
Kelly Ventre
Taylor Verdino
Daria Vicari
Claire Vignola
Mirisa Villeda
Loren Vinal
Hanns Vonpackal
Clay Wade
Allison Wagner
Natasha Walden
Molly Watson
Allisha Sheniqua Webber
Thomas Weber
David Webster
Brooke Wells
Kamesha Williams
Shelby Wilson
Alyssa Wirchin
Samantha Wise
Dana Patricia Wolf
David Wolfson
Amy Wright
Michelle Yadoo
Diana Yudina
Wendy Zimmer
Eric Zwieg
Jennifer Zwolak

* 2018 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Recipient

School for Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Science

Mary Abbinanti
Danielle Abbott
Erica Abbott
Rafsanjani Abdushahid
Michele Accettulli
Bianca Aceto
Laurie Acquisto
Renee Adam
Carol Adamson
Christian Adel
Delfina Adolf
Mansoor Ahmed
Nicholas Aimetti
Rukayat Akesode
Kelly Albrecht
Maryjo Alcaro
Jami Alderman
Terrance Aldrich
Christopher Allen
Lauren W. Allen
Daniel Alleva
Anajess Alvarez
Yolanda Alvarez
Stacy Amash
Michael Amato
Dana Amazon
Colette Amici
Zachary Amigone
Kathryn Amodeo
Coralia Altagracia
Joseph Anchor
Dawn Andersen
Kenneth Anderson
Kristie Andrews
Danielle Angeloro
Jennifer Antonucci
Omar Aquino
Afia Arif
Phillip Arnold
Lori Aruanna
Sharyl Aruck
Eskandar Aryeh
Vincent F. Ascolese
Phillip Ashby
Danielle M. Asher
Emily Asuke
Peter Attina
Deborah A. Austin
Barbara Ann Avena
Adebola Ayinde
Tracy Aylesworth
Sarah Babeyko
Jose Baca
Stefani Backer
Kasey Backus
Crystal Baggerly
Kristie Bailey
Lanaea Bailey
Andrew Baio
Justina Baire
James Baisley
Matthew Baitinger
Wendy Bakaitis
Emily Baker
Jeremy Baker
Taynika Baker
Anne Bald
Heather Baldwin-Stewart
Bryan Banks
Terra Bannan
Megan Barcavage
Jessica Barnes
Wolama Barnes
Peter Barone
Jolene Barr
Marco Barraza
Ana Barrera
Ann Barrett
Kyle Barrett
Charles Barton
Marquette Bascom
Tamika Bascombe
Reva I. Batan-Maher
Lirika Batista
Sarah Battaglia
Daphinee Baxter
Suzanne Baxter
Faith Beam
Brian Bean
Lillian Beauchamp
Nelson Beauregard
Erin Beaury
Stacy Beazer-Patton
Brian Beck
Katie Becker
Pamela Becker
Sara Becker
Kashaka Bedeau
Monica Bedell
Tyler Beebe
Sadeek Been Jr.
Jessica Behney
Leila Bell
Imene Benkada
Alicha Bennani Bouchiba
Kim Ann Bennett
Lori Bennett
Nancy Bennett
Nia Berdebes-Colaitis
Remy Berg
Sharon Berg
Maria Bernard
Rosie Bernard
Jessica Berrios
Eric Best
Julia Bevan
John Bevilacqua
Francesco Bianco
Stephane Biayi
Mwassa Kadima
Amy Biddlecombe
Sean Biesty
Sadiyah Bilal
Jessica Bird
Jacquelyn Bixler
Maria Bizzoco
Jennifer Black
Kelsey Blackwell
Josiah Blair
Tomeka Blair
Kira Blake
Marquisha Bland
Victoria Blanding
Mirabella Blasi
Catherine Blattenberger
Jonathan Blayne
Daniel Blizniak
Colleen Bloom
Jessi Bloomer
Jason Blot
Russell Bly
Melissa Boes
Alison Bolinger
Adam Bolner
Denise Boncaro
Kim Bonczyk
Joseph Bond
Anthony Bonilla
Felicia Bonneau
William Bonville
Rachel Booker
Mark Bordeau
Colin Borland
Robert Bosco
Emily Boshart
Julie Bourke
Michelle Bourque
Kristy Bowen
Richard Bowles
Teaola Boyd
Erin Bradley
Niequa Bradley
Danielle Bradt
Justin Brain
Olga Brandenberger
Alexandrea Brazill
Sarah Brazzell
Suzanne Breda
Theresa Breen
Darcy Brennan
Kathy Brewster
Theresa Briggs
Sametrius Brigham
Ivy Brinson
Lisle Britton
Danielle Brogan
Ralph Brogden
Lorenzo Brooks
Melvin Brooks
Nicholas Brooks
Susan Brooks
Brittany Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Heather Brown
Jamie Brown
Katelyn Brown
Narcissis Brown
Roger Brown
Sarah Brown
Shelbie Brown
Tyler Brown
Cecelia Browne
Renee Brozowski
Tashana Bruce
Victoria Brugger
Julio Bruno Castellanos
Alan Bubel
Shannon Buell
Matthew Buffham
Anna Bullock
Kristine Bunts
Christina Burdick
Steven Burgess
Andrew Burgio
Barbara Burian
Michele Burke
Saul Burke
Jacob Burnell
Felisha Burns
Madeline Burns
Rachel Burrows
James Busse
Fatima Butler
Ebony Byfield
Amy Cafarella
Casandra Caffarel
Hong Hong Cai
Stephanie Calderon
Christian Callahan
Rachael Callard
Angela Calleja
Aysha T. Calliste-Ollivierre
Doland M. Campbell
Emily Campbell
Debra Cantamessa
Carla Capizzi
Mary Capozzi
Jacquelyn Capparelli
Joseph Caputy
Katie Caraballo
Demetrius Carey
Thomas Cariola
Patrick Caristo
Zobeida Carlina
David Carlson
Jeannine Carney
Brandi Caron
Kimberly Carr
Nicole Carrick
Sean Carroll
Julie Carter
Renee Carter
Samantha Carter
Michael Caruso
Thomas Caruso
Karen Casler
Alison A. Castellar
Russell Castranova
Mimma Catalioti
Danielle Catanese
Danilo Cerquetti
Louis N. Cevoli
Darren Chan
Antonia Channell
Karen Charles
John Chase
Aimee Chaves
Lijing Chen
Eve Cher
Benny Cherian
Jeffery Chmielewski
Nadia Choudhry
Louis Ciaccio
Michelle Ciani
Casey Ciccarelli
Jacquelyn Ciccone
Lori Cino
Concetta Cipriano
Carrie Clark
Grace Clark
Lauren Clark
Marcia Clark
Nakina Clark
Mario Clarke
Shandia Clarke
Tammy Clarke
Brooke Clarkin
Maureen Coalts-Monroe
Lauren Cobb
Cheryl Cody
Alexandra Coffin
Daval Coleman
Valerie Coleman
Samantha Collins
Anthony Colyer-Pendas
Robin Compeau
Terryanne Compton
Autumn Concepcion
Emily Convers
Meghan Cool
Alexis Cooper
Amey Cooper
Maria Cooper
Shamona Cooper
Shana Coovert
Anamaria Corbett
Wilmarie Cordero
Terra Cornaire
Jamie Cornelius
Melissa Cornelius
Jessica Cornell
Thomas Cornish
Stephanie Corrigan
Katherine Corson
Davea Cortes
Anisa Cortez
Christopher Costanzo
Joseph Cotazino
Charlene Cousineau
Ross Cowieson
George Cowles
Quenton Cox
Robyn Cox
Susan Cozart
Beth Cragle
Nathan Craig
Larry Crandall
Bridget Critelli
Jennifer Crocker
Jake Crosley
Daniel Crowley
Beverly Cruz
Ineabelle Cruz
Iraida Cruz
Katheryn Cruz
Erica Cuddeback
Heather Cullen
Crystal Cummings
Robert Cunningham
Casey Brooke Cutler
Deborah Czombel
Ralph D’Alessandro
Cassandra Daley
Ajxan Dalipovski
Marisa Damas
Paul Daugherty
Michael D’Avella
Shane Davey
Christopher David
Ashley Davis
Debra Davis
Jessica Davis
Leslie Davis
Nicole Davis
Shaquera Davis
William Davis
Helen Dawkins
James Dean
Sarah Dean
Brandon Dearborn
Emily Dearin
Melissa Dearman
Gregory Debobes
Michele DeCarlo
Jacob Decker
Shanica Dees
Melanie Delgado
Rachelle Marie Delgiorno
Tayler Deliman
Tracy Jay Delpriore
Jennifer DeLucia
Margaret Dems
Dev Deodat
Sean Depasquale
Richard Deprima
Gregory Derosso
Brandon Desantis
Robert Despres
Daniel Detore
Silas Devine
Alan J. Diaz
Martika Diaz
Vanessa Diaz
Anthony Dibenedetto
Kelly Dicarmine
Stephanie Dicenzo
Savannah Dickens
Eileen Didonato
Jessica Diehl
Paula Dieter
Brittany Diggs
Patrick Digiovanni
Charmaine E. Dil Mohamed
Kelly Dillenbeck
Matthew Dinatale
Michael Dinus
Marion Dipippo
Allison Dispense
Kimberly Dolan
Chelsea Dolloff
Sara Dominiak
Rose Dominique
Nadine Donati
Hao Liang Dong
Jaclyn Donovan
Katherin Donovan
Peter Dorgan
Sheelyn Tiffany Dougan
Shantel Douglas
Tiana Downey
Candace Drew
Mattelyn Duell
Tara Duggins
Cynthia Dunderdale
Valerie Roberta Dunton
Julie Durham
Tracy Durski
Erica Earing
Donna Eaton
Annette Edwards
Zakeira Edwards
Christina Egan
Hans Eiholzer
Mohamed Elhanafi
Sumayya Ellahi
Erica Ellis
Kimberly Ellis
Elizabeth Ellsbury
Arianna Encarnacion
Samuel Encarnacion
Breanna English
Lucas English
Tammy Ernest
William Eskildsen
Byron Espinal
Lisa Marie Esposito
Stephen Espostio
Lisette Margaret Esquilin
Jillian Estes
Stephanie Eterno
Eugenie Evancho
Christopher Evans
Desiree Evans
Keith Evans
Kendall Evans
Laurel Evans
Michelle Ewald
Cynthia Ewanciw-Morse
Birtis Exum Jr.
Christopher Fain
Agnes Faltas
Hannah Muriel Fanton
Charles Fardink
Nheyrovi Farneschi
Oleg Farniev
Benjamin Fassett
Beth Faulkner
Sera Faulkner
Meagn Fausner
Joshua Favo
Justin Feinstein
Annamaria Felix
Neaildell Felix
Justin Felton-Knight
Charity Ferguson
Susan Ferraiole
Vincent Ferrara
Mary Anne Ferrigno
Kathryn Field
Fredrick Files
Jaclyn Fine
Stacey Fiore
John Fish
Christopher Fisher
Miranda Fisher
Catherine T. Fitzgerald
Katelyn Fitzgerald
Tracy Flagella
Johnathan Flagg
Ever Fleitas
Lisa Fleureau
Tomyra Flood
Peggy Fogle
Daniel Foisset
Jonathan Folino
Yajaira Forbes
Sherri Ford
Emily Forella
Nicholas Forlenza
James Fox
Susan Franclemont
Reginald C. Francois
Francesco Frangella
Donald Fraser
Kimberly Fraser
Craig Frazier
Christopher Frederick
Clifford Freer
Thomas Frey
Lainie Froehlich
Kimberly Frost
Victoria Fudak
Carrie Fuller
Natasha Gacinski
Janet Galan
Jazzett A. Galindez
Luke Galmarini
Rustam Ganiev
Jacinta Garcia
Michelle A. Garcia
Rafaelina Garcia
Amanda Gardner
Angelina Garner
Lucas Garrett
Travis Gaska
Lauren Gaskins
David Gates
Laura Gates
Haralambos Gatsos
Sara May Gavette
Virginia Geller
Briana George
Lindsey George
Christopher Georgia
Marian Gervais
Nicole Getz
Daniel Gibbons
Lucia Giglia
Bridget Gilchrist
Karenina Gilmore
Jennifer Gilson
Beth Giordano
Jennifer Giordano
Patrick Gleason
Diana Gomez
Jazmine J. Gonzalez
Lilian Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez
Reba Goodell
Amy Goodrich
Kimberly Goodwin
Meredith Goodwin
Michael A. Goropeuschek
Alicia Graham
Andreas Graham
Reneisha Graham
Shandra Grantham-Powell
Amy Grasso
Deborah Graves
Asia Gray
Brittany J. Gray
Deena Gray-Johnson
Carmela Green
Taylor Green
Lataji Gregg
Mandy Gregory
Tara Gregory
Joscelyn Grenzy
John Grieco
Shaqueena Grier
Gregg Jason Gries
Davaugn Griffin
Lucie Ann Griffis
Chad Grindel
Stephen Griner
Angelo Grivas
Felicia Gross
Corina Guastamacchia
Janelle Guererri
Priscilla Guerrero
Rodney Guevara
Knikia Gumbs
Sean Gustafson
Tamiko Guthrie
Idris Guven
Tiffany Gwathney
James Haberek
Deborah Hackett
Amanda Haddad
Donna Haines
Robert Hale
Brennan Haley
Justin Hall
Tammy Halstrom
Sarah Hamby
Mary Hamilton
Laura Hammer
Donald Hanavan
Jill J. Hannah-Vega
Elissa Hannon
Terri Ann Hansen
Jessica Hanson
Jeremy Hapka
Christopher Harding
William Patrick Harding
Rebecca Harp
Jana Harris
Kamillah Harris
Starisha Harris
Veronica Harris
Edward Harrison
Jenna Harrison
Kaydien Harrison
Charlene Harris-Wright
Cathryn Hart
Keith Hartloff
Danielle Frances Hartman
James Hartman
Tabitha Hartman
Joshua Harvey
Lawanna Hasper
Laura Hassinger
Patricia Hawley
Michael Hawsey
Jennifer Hayes
Natalie Haynes
Solomon Hecht
Melissa Hegarty
Caitlyn Heinz
Michael Helfert
Scott Helgert
Susan Heller
Emma Mae Henderson
Alexandria Henricksen
Dana Henry
Kristin Henry
Taylor Henry
Caitlin Hernandez
Richard Hernandez
Leslie Hernandez-Prado
Taylor Herrick
Daniela Herring
Matthew Hess
Tracy Hessel-Andor
Paul Higgins
Jennifer Hill
Nathan Hill
Geraldine Hines
Brandan Hinkle
Christine Hirsch
Erica Hoadley
Virginia Hoblock
Shawn Hoerner
Tricia Holl
Austin Hollins
Samantha Hollis
Rashawn Holman
Denicqua Holmes
Isabel Holmes
Christine Honadel
Janelle Hooks
Harley Hooper
Jayna Hoover
Sandra Hoover
Shanaj Hoque
Zephaniah Horton
Samantha Hosbey
Adriana Houghtaling
Jason Houlihan
Corey Howard
Michael Howe
Allison Howell
Ryan Howell
Joseph Hrbek
Yanzhen Hu
Kexin Huang
David Hubbard
Teniesia Hudson
Justin R. Hueppi
Gregory Humphrey
Lacey Huntington
Meagan Hurlburt
Kathleen M. Hurley
Pamela Hutchinson
Kerri Iamele
Tolulope Ibrahim
Kimberly Ignatowski
Stephanie Ingles
Gregory Inglut
Anita Ingram
Rosa Inocente
Alisha Irwin
Khalid Islam
Chloe Jackson
Monique Vilma Jackson
Vireta Jackson-Arthur
Katarzyna Jagocha
Jacyndra Jahnke
Charles James
De’Angelo James
Alexander Jamieson
Rebecca Jamison
Kathleen Janes
Athena Jarosh
Leslyann Jean Baptiste
Shantel Jefferson
Candacy Jeffrey
David Jenkins
William Jenkins
Erica Jeror
Manuel Jimenez
Glenn Jingleski
Brianna Johnson
Brittney Johnson
Christina E. Johnson
Douglas Johnson
Jehred Johnson
John Johnson
Sandra Johnson
Sophie Johnson
Erica Jones
Jessica L. Jones
Joniya Jones
Karen Jones
Marshona Jones
Robert Jones
Sharon Jones
Kongite Jordan
Meghan Kain
Jared Kampel
John Karas
Bianca Karayan
Rebecca Kashanian
Babette Kastens
Jeason Kaszovitz
Cynthia Kavanaugh
Bernadette Keaney-Ali
Lynn Keck
Edward J. Keil
Matthew Keller
Karen Jean Kelly
Stephanie Kelly
Candice Kemmerer
Linda A. Kemp
Robert Kempster
Michael Kendricks
Andrew Kennedy
Elizabeth Kennedy
Timothy Kernan
Jennifer Ketchum
Muhammad Khalid
Mairaj Khan
Cora Y. Khaytin
Neeyati Khokhani
Natali Khoroshun
Sharon Khuu
Matthew Kilgore
Joseph Kilmartin
Jennifer Kilts
Shaun Kimball
Erin King
Michael King
Nichol King
Savannah King
Jean King Housekeeper
Annie M. Kingsberry
Christina Kinner
John Kleespies
Matthew Klick
Elsie Kloczkowski
Ryan Klute
Cassandra Knapp
Samantha Knapp
Alicia Koch
Michele Koomen
Caroline Koralik
Nicole Korczynski
Briana Kornegay
Rebecca Korte
Stefanie Kostenblatt
Gregory Kowal
Erin Kowalske
Lynn Krakowiak
Casimir Krauza
Miriam Krawiec
Geraldine Kremer
Megan Kropf
Brandon Kruse
Stacey Kucharski
Anthony Kuhn
Sarah Kulas
Faith Labadie
Katherine Lacomb
Randy Ladabouch
Melvin Lafontaine
Samantha Lafountaine
Kelvin Lalan
Faren Lalchan
Thomas Lalla
Chelsea Lallier
Amy Lamanteer
Jessica Lamantia
Alice Lamb
James Lamb
Michael Lamb
Ahdehroh Lambert
Teresa Lamont
Cassandra Landes
Hannah Lane
Jenyne Langhorne
Katherine Lapham
Kimberly Laplante
Shane Larkin
Kimberly LaRuez
Nikolaos LaTorre
Lauri Latta
Holly Laubenheimer
Stephanie Lavalley
Esmeralda Lavezzari
Elizabeth Law
Sherina Lawes
Christine Lawrence
Crysta Lawyer
Michael Lazzari
Erlyssa Lebeau
Helen Lebel
Tianna Leduc
Nicholas Lee
Sharon Lee
Zachary Lemcke
Robecca Lemme
Carol Leone
Nicolas Leone
Timothy Lesnick
Walter Lester
Latosha Lewis
Tamela Lewis
Nicole M. L’hommedieu
Nicholas Libretti
Catherine Lilley
Erik Lilly
Edwin R. Linares
Noelle Lindsay
Wayne C. Linko
Nicolino Lisio
Sheila Littlefield
Yi-Shing Liu
Maureen Livingston
Peter Livshin
Charles Lloyd
Raymond Lloyd
Ryan Lobo
Kimberly Locigno
Andre Logan
Lynn Lombardo
Elizabeth Lopez
Tonya Lopez
Jason Lord
Pasquale Lorina
Heather Lott
Elene Lowden
Cory Lowe
Sondra Lucas
Suzanne Lucas
Tasherah Lucas
Melisa Lucia
John Lugo
Sanjaya Luintel
Aashis Luitel
Ricardas Lukosiunas
Wilther Lundy
Bin Luo
Christopher Lynch
Sarah Lynch Ryan
Yolanda Mabry
John MacDougall
Samantha Mackey
April MacLeod
Diana Macy
Shelby Macy
Ryan Madonna
Kimberly Maercklein
Dylan Magistro
Samad Mahmood
Kristan Maiolo
Sharif Mair
Bruce Major
Ilia Marie
Emma Manno
Angelica Marchese
EmilyMae Marcy
Brittney Maring
Kenneth Marmo
Jacquelynn Marong
Amy Marti
Gloria Martin
James Martin
Thomas Martin
Elisa Martinez
Juan Jose Martinez
Nicole Martinez
Rebecca Martinez
Zenaida Martinez
Iris Martinez-Davis
Jodie Mastandrea
Ariana Mastrangelo
Gregory Mastrangelo
Cydcharisse Mathews
Richard Mathews
Shannon Matteson
Edward C. Matthews
Kyle Mawhir
Daniel Mayer
Zachary Mayer
Brent McCann
Alisabeth McCarthy
Sinead McCarthy
Valerie McCarthy
Gregory McCarty
Janine McCaskill
Katherine McCauley
Lara McChesney
Zachary McCormick
Donna McCoy
Kathleen A. McCoy
Kevin McCumber
Sean W. McDowell
Sharon McElveen
Mark McEwen
Alicia McGrath
Jamie McGrath
Collin McGuire
Matthew McGuire
Colordo T. McHugh
Kunta McIntyre
Frances McKee
Susan McKee
Sarah McKinney
Linda McKinnis
Sundrina McLendon
Quianna C. McNair
Elizabeth A. McNamee
Sidney McNeill
Zahir McNeill
Claudia Medina
Anna Meguin
Araseli Melendez
Kimberly Mendick
Rajitha Prabath Mendis
Jennifer Merica
Julie Merlino
Marcella Messier
Jeanette Metzger
Jason Meyers
Justin Michaels
Thomas Michel
Carolyn Michelitch
Mitchell Mikulick
Brandon Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Iann Miller
Laurel Miller
Jessica Mills
Scott David Miner
Veronica Mintegui
Ana Miranda
Marie Miranda
Rebecca Misencik
Tricia Misonznick
Megan Mock
Jodi Modder
Kasey Mondesir
Nicole Montanino
Kevin Montante
Brittany Montz
Kevin Mooney
Glen Moran
Timothy Morelock
Daniel Morey
Desiree Morey
Phillip Morgan
William Morgan
Herriet Morla
Lakeir Morris
Rochelle Morse
Angeline Mortime
Megan Mulholland
Cara Munck
Michele Mundie
Mary Mungovan-Moss
Lanora Munro
Christine Munson
Michael Murphy
Regina Murphy
Robert Murphy
Shawna Murphy
Taylor Murphy
John Murray
John Murray
Nancy Murray
Keron Myers
Zachary Myers
Danielle Naismith
Stefanina Nanci
Julie Natale
Gerry Naylor
Anne Neidhardt
Henry Nelson
Calvin Ng
Nhu Hang Nguyen
Candace Marie Nicholson
Lacy Marie Nickola
Shawn Niemira
Julie Nieves
Avraham Eliezer Niman
Melissa Norton
Jasmine Norville
Samantha Nosbisch
Bethania Nunez-Rodriguez
Amanda O’Bannion
Alainna O’Bannon
Justine O’Brien
Daniel Oconnor
Jennifer O’Connor
Bani Oconnor Bobb
Lori Ogas
Mariana Ortega
Ilene Ortiz
Nereyda Ortiz
Stacu Osborn
Alexandra Osborne
Ashley O’Toole
Kiriam Pacheco
Daniel Paciello
Samantha Paciello
Jessica Padilla
Brittney Pagano
Michael Palmatier
Derek Palmeri
Debra Pangrazio
Alixandra Lauren Parisi
Myungchoul Park
Demetruis Parks
Leigh Parks Brewer
Clark Parry
LaTonya Parsons
Deborah Pascal
Shiralee A. Patel
Lisa Patterson
Lorrayne Patterson
Danielle Paul
Daniel Pavacic
Aimee Pebworth
Sara Peek
Russell Pembleton
Brittany Pena
Anthony Pentecoste
Ocarina A. Peralta
Dawn Perrault
Christian A. Perricone
Roderick Perry
Kimberly Persad
Raymond Pettway
Courtney Pfeffer
Carey Phillips
Kathleen Piazza
Scott Piccolo
Mercedes Pichardo
Tammy Pickett
Kathleen Piersma
Shaquanna Pierson
Rosa Pimentel
Suzanne Pinnix
Natalie Pitts
Stefanie Pizzolo
Giancarlo Plouffe
Gabrielle Pollard
Amanda Pollari
Kara Pomeroy
Shelly Poor
Jesse Pospisil
Girjanand Prashar
Kyriakos Pritzakis
Donna Probst
Elliott Pruitt
Alexandra Psomas
Joseph Pupello
Delilah Purcell
Holly Putnam
Taneesha Putt
Juan Quinones
Mabel Quinonez
Hamem Fazley Rabbi
Mohammad Rafiq
Breon Rahmaan
Aziz Raji
Journey Ralbovsky
Crystal Ralston
Sarah Ralston
Shaharazade Ramkumar
Deryn Ramsoomair
April Randall
Carolyn Randazzo
Luke Randazzo
Lesa Ransom
Dennis Raso
Marci Raso
Lindsey Ratigan
Ashley Reardon
Stephen Rebeor
Walter Redden
Emilee Reeb
Sibora Reed
McKenzie Regan
Thomas Michael Reilly
Natalie Reinado
Stacy Reiners
Megan Reinhardt
Eugenio Reis
Amy Reitz
Clarence Renfroe
Keisha Rennie
Raphael Revella
Robyn Reynolds
Lindsay Rezzonico
Cheyenne Rich
Jennifer Richards
Capri Richardson
Jawana Richardson
Brohdny Ricketts
Meri Riegel
Christopher Rigo
Madeline Riordan
Angelica Rivera
Eddie Rivera
Evelyn Rivera
Lizette Rivera
Pablo Rivera
Shyla Rivera
Carmela Rizzi
Daniel Rizzo
Oliver Roa
Marlon Roberts
Michael Roberts
Porsha Roberts
Robert Roberts
Tawny Roberts
Valerie Roberts
Elizabeth Robins
Gary Robinson
Melissa Robinson
Arlene Rochford
Joao Rodrigues
Evelyn Rodriguez
Jannette Rodriguez
Nicole Rodriguez
Ruben Rodriguez
Sabrina Rodriguez
Stephanie Rodriquez
Tara Rogan
Dennis Rolon
Jennifer Romero
Christopher F. Ronan
Michael Rooney
Edward Rosado
Michael Rosas
Cheryl Rosati
Erika Rose
Carl Roselle
Ian Rosen
Karen Rosen
Maxwell Rosenstein
Louis Rosenthal
Lori Rosman
Brittany Rossano
Nechoma Rotenberg
Kayla Rounds
Amy Rowles
Andrew Rowney
Deborah Royko
Jeremy Runion
Carrie Russell
Danielle Russell
Shayley Russell
Zachary R. Russell
Nicholas Russo
Richard Ryan
Soo Hyun Ryu
Mary Sabol
Christopher Safori
Marqueline Saint-Surin
Jason Saletnik
Judah Samuelson
Laura Sanchez
Zaida Sanchez
Joseph L. Sanders
Gary Sands
Andrew Sanford
Anthony Sanseverino
Frances Sarigianis
Jean Sarosy
Md Sarwar
Wendy Saskowski
Dana Sassano
Madison Saufley
Cassandra Saunders
Grazia Savaglia
Daryl Sawyer
Patrick Scahill
Shanel Scarlett
Karen Schaffer
Megan Schlinger
Justine Schmidt
Blima Schneebalg
Scott Schulz
Erin Schwab
Jaclyn Schwanz
John Scialdone
Dianna Scott
Shawn Scott
Ricardo Sealy
Alanna Sears Mount
Beverly Sepaul
Angela Setteducato
Salvatore Sexton
Jay Shapiro
Kathleen Shay
Corine Sheldon
Sharelle Sheldon
Archer Shepard
Isaiah Short-Lee
Nadene Shultis
Berdell Silas
Patricia Silcox
Va Liiza Silsby
Dennis Simmons
Samantha Simmons
Maxine Simpson
Sarah Singh
Francis Sisto
Kristoffer Sketch
Mary Skillan
Stephenie Slack
Fatat Sleiman
Kimberly Smiley
April Smith
Barbara Jean Smith
Darlene Smith
Della Smith
Germain Smith
Jennifer Smith
Kirstie Smith
Ltanya R. Smith
Nikki Smith
Pauline Smith
Shaniqua Smith
Lindsay Smolarek
Brian Smyczek
Eric Snyder
Robert Sobel
David Sochia
Lei Milovale Solaita
Sean Solarte
Petrona Solorzano
Samantha Somma
Abiola A. Sonnylal
Tracie Soper
Krystie Sorci
Ivonne Soto Alicea
Emma Sovay
Eliana Space
Charity Simone Spencer
Melissa Sperry
William Spinelli
Jamison Sponaugle
Nykeysha Sprigs
Greta Spring
Thomas Squires
Frinee Stanley
Jonathan Stansell
Jordan Stark
Kevin Steindl
Deborah Steinman
Lance Stenfeldt
Doris Stephenson
Gail Stevens
Joanne Stevenson
Leah Stevenson
James Stever
Robert Steves
Eden Stewart
Michael Stokna
Janice Stoll
Ruthanne Stone
Jennifer Storey
Melissa Stover
Todd Strelow
April Strock
Colleen Strough
Theresa L. Strumpf
Amberly Strzalka
Sara Michelle Strzyzynski
Mabelo Stupke
Carrie Sullivan
Morgan Susice
Katrina Sussman
Stephonia Swaggard
Sarah Sweetman
Nicholas Tagliarino
Joshua Taijram
Adewale Taiwo
Daniel Tapia
Gabriela Tapia
Pearl Tapuchi
Abigail Tavares
Laura Tavolacci
Alfreda Taylor
Michelle Taylor
Lorraine Teaney
Jesse Tedora
Eileen Teehan
Steven Terry
Jared Terwilliger
Joseph Teson
Alana Texeira
Ralph Thelusma
Jasuma Thiansonglok
Gregory Thomas
Miracle Thomas
Rachelle Thompson
Tiffany J. Thorner
Sarah Throneburg
Erin Thurman
Daniel Tibbitts
Joann Tierney-Daniels
Katherine Tiisler
Tanya Tillotson
Robyn Tisdale
Brian Tober
Elizabeth Tobier
Victoria Tokarz
Olga Tolkacheva
John Tomei
Elyce Tompkins
Gina Tonne
Cynthia Tony
Victoria Toper
Ricaldo Torres
Bernard Totten
Melanie Towne
Richard Tracy
Timothy Tredwell
Ronald Treichel
Steven Trippy
Margaret Trolli
Amanda Tromblee
Kristopher Trombley
Philip Tronolone
Theresa Ann Tropiano
Tom Trunzo
Lavonda Tubbs
Nora Tucker
Jennifer Turner
Nicole Turner
Pauline Twardowski
Justin Twarog
Susan Ulmer
Christian Umhafer
Paul Ungaro
Erin Vaccarello
Vincent Valentino
Walkiria Valerio
Angel Valle
Kayla VanderBogart
Timothy VanDerlike
M. Renna VanEpps
Pamela VanGelder
Richard Van Norden
Barbara VanNorstrand
Teresa Van Son
Amanda VanWagner
Timothy Van Wie
Tomona VanZant
Betty Vargas
Justina Vargas
Nicolette Vasiliou
Barbara Vasquez
Steven Velardo
Daisy Velez-Ceballo
Tiffany Ventura
William Ventura
Rabecca Venturelli
Karen Verderber
Denise Verdesoto
Aditi Verma
John Vickers
Lori Ann Vierno
Sara Virgilio
Filomena Virtuoso
Laura J. Vonkampen
Rose Ann Wadsworth
Rebecca Wager
Imani Wagstaff
James Wahler
John Waite
John Waldecker
Edward Waldron
Candice Walker
Megan Walker
Roger Walker
Daniel Wallace
Daphne Wall-Mosley
Shaquanna Walls
Nadine Walsh
Amanda Warden
April Warner
Karen Warwick
Ladd Warwick
John Waseleski
Sandra Washington
Winnie Water
Coleen Watkins
Marie Wausnock
Drew Weatherwax
Joy Webb
Bethany Weber
Ian Wedgewood
Charles V. Weilbrenner
Christina Weinberger
Eric J. Weiss
Sara Wekselblatt
Dorothy Wells
Allison Weltjen
Laura West
Wendy West
Linda Whipple
Alexandrea White
Charesse White
Kimberly White
Carly Whiteford
Keith Whiteman
Jeremy Whorf
April Wickham
Alicia Wilcox
Robin Wilcox
Jennifer Wilkinson
Barry Williams
Laure Williams
Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams
Scott Williams
Tina Williams
Andrea Williamson
Daniel Williamson
Timothy Willingham Sr.
Jennifer Wills
Eliot Wilson
Laura Wilson
Michael Wilson
Sarah Wilson
Tristan Wilson
Deborah Wilson-Martin
Tonia Wiltsie
Peter Winberg
Monica Windley
Colin Winkelman
Tricia Wise
Jackie Wishart
Brent Wolford
Peter Wood
Gershon Woonteiler
Alisha Wright
Christopher Wright
Connie Wu
Igor Yakovlev
Billy Yao
Christopher Yeomans
Pamela Yoder
Marlene Yorke
Melanie Jo Young
Melissa Young
Nikeia Young
Maria Yulfo
Justin Zagorski
Irina Zakharova
Aaron Zaleski
Felix Zbarsky
Chad Zeman
Yanping Zhao
Hang Zheng
Qiling Zheng
Melanie Zogaria

School for Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Yolanda Allison
David Bruno
Tracy Buelow
Jeffrey Cannet
Louis Cassinelli
Wai Kwang Chung
Timothy Cowan
John Deerfield III
Alexa Deriso
Donald Ellis
Eric Fitzgerald
James Fleming
Scott Freeman
Robert J. Harrison
Jennifer Hunt
Alexander Jones
Christopher Kane
Terry Kephart
Daniel Knoblich
Sheela Manjila
Nancy Marucci
Paula Mauro
Stacy Mondesir
Jacqueline Moreira
Kerry Orlyk
Lawrence Plummer
John Reilly
John Reynolds
John Rogan
Eugene Santiago III
Francesco Scaturchio
Betty Ann Schaertel
Jamie Scharett
Yolanda Smith
Kevin Solan
Tamara Taylor
Michael Trimarchi
Martin Tripptree
James Tubbins

School of Nursing and Allied Health

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Frank Abbatemarco
Leah Allen
Linda Amarante
Shawna Ames
Christopher Antonelli
Vanessa Aquino
Desmond Archer
Jean Ayres
Daniel Babcock
Kimberly Bank
Wayde Batt
Linda Bel
Teresa Bellaire
Marvin Berg
Arlena Bernockie
Amy Bivona
Amanda Blair
Jeanette Boehm
Donna Bragg
Janet Browne
Lena Buckley
Laurie Bungay
Lauren Calderone
Alexis Cameron
Melissa Carrigan
Jenifer Carter
Dominique Celotto
Adrienne Church
Jennifer Clapp
Catherine Clesi
Christine Coddington
Kolleen Collins
Stephanie Connolly
Maureen Connors
Karen Cordoves
Ana Corona-Hall
Barbara Courtney
Carolyn Cruz-Hannah
Erin Davis
Maria Cristina De Silva
Chelsey Dean
Shontea Desnoes
Lisa DiCarlo
Robert Dobski
Kelli Doherty
Paul Dominique
Patricia Dowling
John Dubon
Ann Dutchess
Jacqueline Eckhaus
Rosanna Edreira
Jean Englezos
Alyssa Eustice
Mindy Evarts
Judee Falcone
Suzanna Falli
Lauren Feeney
Lauren Fernandez
Doria Flaharty
Kristin Fralick
Karen Gaston
Karen Gatz
Kathryn George
Inna Gerenshteyn
Michael Gibbons
Rebecca Gijanto
Danielle Giordano
Scott Giordano
Martha Gonzalez
Dinamarie Gordon
Arley Grajales-Alzata
Brian Grant
Andrea Graybill
Alejandro Grillo
Allison Guilfoil
Jessica Hanehan
Karella Hawthorne
Maria Heffernan
Dawne Helligrass
Jennifer Henry
Blakely Herlick
Holly Hesse
Tracy Hopkins
Olivia Hynds
Michaela Iveson
Rebekah Izzo
Rebecca James
Anna Jez
Nadine Kabeya-Mputu
Richard Kelly
Monica Kiani
Shahzad Kiani
Alan Kiceina
Beata Kikolski
Elizabeth Kiniry
Kirsten Konsevitch
Katarzyna Kostuj
Jesse Kowalewski
Kaitlin Kowalewski
Roxanne Krause
Edyta Kulczynska
Jeannine Kupiec
Steffan Kuttikadu
Darryl Lahon
Mary Lapoint
Britney Lawrence
Jennifer Lemery
Nancy Lindig
Gina Lucas
William Lukang
Dawn Luksch-Kunz
Melissa Mabie
Danielle Madonna
Michele Magnuson
Jacqueline Mailloux
Speranza Marmo
Christine Marrone
Karen Martin
Gemma Martini-Mahon
Frantz Mathieu
Devica Matuknath
Seiko Mauriello
Venesha Maxwell-Williams
Rosanna Mazzatto
Mary McGuiness
Shannon McLaughlin
Angella Melville
Kathie Merrill
Katherine Moore
Suzanne Mullins
Sarah Nalbach
Tiffany Natel
Daniele Neuman
Patricia Neumann
Corin Newman
Paula O’Donnell
Erin O’Keefe
Jennifer Olmstead
Joanne Orestuk
Olivia Oropallo
Viviana Ortiz
Kristine Park
Lindsay Parker
Francesca Parry
Shelly Pashley
Lavita Payton
Lauren Peetz
Aisha Pepen
Louis Pixley
Eiko Pomarico
Ginger Postiglione
Saira Qureshi
Joelin Ramdin
Barbara Ramlochan-Persad
Jessica Ramos
Lauren Raylinsky
Christine Reardon
Stacey Reeve
James Reiter
Jessica Reyes
Donna Reynaud
Frances Riccardi
Pamela Rice
Susan Riveiro
Joanne Rizzo
Frank Russ
Jessica Ruta
Cynthia Ruvolo
Michelle Ruvolo
Zakiyyah Saleem
Dornet Samuels-Griffiths
Laura Sanders
Mia-Knoll Santos
Kristin Saunders
Victoria Scanlon
Heather Schaeffer
Lena Schuler
Charquise Scott
Amy Seidel
Kimberly Sgandurra
Dawn Sharrocks
Patricia Shaw
Patti Shepard
Leah Siciliano
James Siedlecky
Loretta Simckowitz
Sade Simmons
Cynthia Snyder
Anna Soja
Rachael Spellman
Kathleen Spratley-Watters
Emily Stelmach
Scott Stevens
Beverly Stewart
Iris Stokes
Eric Strier
Tori Strock
Shannon Sweetman
Glenn Tabada
Gwen Testo
Theresa Tomeo
Heather Tourtellot
Molly Tratt
Lori Trimble
Ceceilia Vasconcellos
Julie Vaughan
Briana Vogel
Katharine Walser
Joseph Whelan
Elizabeth Whitworth
Laura Wolf
Sandi Woodhead
Julie Wright
Chae Ri Yang
Aqeela Zainul
Mae Zoltowsky

School of Nursing and Allied Health

Master of Science

Christie Allen
Gina Ayvazian
Jonathan Blank
Theresa Boland
Jenny Brandt
Aline De Jesus
Katelyn Dwon
Mary Eggers
Ross Feinman
Denise France
Holly Hannon
Donna Hardwicke
Dianna Harvey
Darra Hotopp
Julie Marshall
Nichole McDermott
Nnenna Onuoha-Jackson
Zainab Robley
Tonilynn Romolo
Samantha Serrone
Marijo Smith
Justyna Soldinger
Kimberly Wrase

School for Graduate Studies

Advanced Graduate Certificates

Carol Adamson
Ashley Ahola
Tonya Allen
Jose Arroyo
Humera Bashir
Brian Beck
Candice Beck
Christopher Becker
Sarah Becker
Brad Bennett
Shelly Bessey
Anita Bharat Arwade
Alana Blake
Andrew Blake
Kyra Briggs
Jeremy Brogan
Nancy Burdette
Jonathan Campano
Veronica Commock
Julene Cooney
Vanessa Dacey
Carolyn DeJohn
Juan De La Cruz
Rickardo Dobson
Andrea Dublin
Elizabeth Erwin
Sheila Faircloth
Stephanie Falk
Michael Falzarano
Stanley Fernandes
Gregory Filippini
Steven Fiorillo
Colleen Formoso
Graig Frank
James Gaglione
Ashleigh Gardner
Christopher Gioia
Christopher Glynn
Erika Grande
Olivia Grant
Ian Grugan
Elaine Guppy
Ihtisham Hadi
Amanda Hassan
Sheryl Hertel
Tina Higgins
Jennifer Hurlburt
Regina Innocente
Raisul Islam
Danielle Johnson
Karishma Johnson
Nicole Johnson
Haitham Khalil
Gabrielle Kolo
Lynelle Kuhn
KareLin LaBar
Elenora Levin
Britalena Liebers
Andrea LoParco
Doreen Malpeso
Stephen Marchand
Jessica Marsico
Dan Mason
Lauren Masset
Gail Mathias
Mattea McConnell
Rachel McDonough
Vincent Menten
Eamon Millar**
Mark Miller
Joseph Milliman
Giselle Moore
Eleni Moraites
Arlene Motley
James Munro
Mary Murphy
Anna Niemiec
Eduardo Noedes-Teixeira
Olufunmilayo Oladipo
Jacob Orffeo
Debby Orr
Jocelyn Ou
Scott Paczkowski
Cosmina Panetti
Vincent Papasodero
Meghan Patanian
Daniel Perkins
Gail Peterkin
Rachel Petryna
Elza Pollak-Christian
David Pomplas
Matthew Prouty
Nicole Rivera
Alexandra Robinson
Thosman Robinson
Alysha-Beth Rodriguez
Mary Roff
Miriam Romais**
James Rounds
William Rudick
Lisa Ryan
Ranie Sangar
Erica Schupp
Mark Schwartz
Veronica Sellers
Catia Sepe
Louis Siegelman
David Skinner
Nancy Slauson
Courtney Smith
Courtney Steele
Nechelle Stolzenberg*
Christopher Talbot
Tiffany Valentin
Jason Vinette
Bethany White Lee
Kenni Wise
Lindsey Wood
Joan Wozniak
Julian Wyllie
Serge Zaslavsky
Angela Zona

* 2018 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Recipient
** Dean’s Medal Recipient

School for Graduate Studies

Master of Arts

Ashley Ahola
Jana Allmand-Zeman
Kimberly Amidon
Eric Appleton**
Lisa Ardner
Christine Ayala
Arlene Bader
Shannon Bagley
Rory Beckford
Corinne Bingham
Tami Bort-Kenyon
Wales Brown
Scott Bruno
Elvira Casper
Amy Chaffee
Spencer Chiimbwe
Terry Cirillo
Paula Cook
Julene Cooney
Johanna Cortes
Vanessa Dacey
Tawana Davis
Wendy Diaz
Grace DiBartolo
Breanne Driscoll
Colleen Fahy-Box
Wendy Fascia
Gregory Filippini
Kristen Ford
Graig Frank
Edison Fraser
Nicole Gibbons
Christopher Gioia
Judith Goode
Amanda Granger
Ian Grugan
Elaine Guppy
Belinda Harrington
Alexander Hightower
Khader Humied
Jennifer Hurlburt
Danielle Johnson
James Johnson
Nicole Johnson
Dawn Jones
Robert Kayton
Celeste Khuu
Jeffrey King
Karelin LaBar
Nicholas Ladd
Lisa Loughran
Carol Machowski
James Maddox
Donald Mallett
Nehemiah Marshall
Jessica Marsico
Lauren Masset
Anne McDonough
Peter McMahon
Eamon Millar**
Hiroko Miyashita
Marcus Moran
Mary Murphy
Alanna Nissen**
Yvette Paez
Daniel Perkins
Michele Perrin
David Pomplas
Amy Radik
Janice Raeder
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Randel
Jamie Raucci
Sandra Rivers
Mary Roff
Mark Ruhala
Lisa Ryan
Amy Sacco
Owen Shakespeare
Miranda Snyder
James Szakmary
Ismini Theodoropoulos
Tanya Thompson
Stephanie Trapani
Karen Tuso
Katelyn Walley-Stoll**
Alex Zablocki

** Dean’s Medal Recipient

School For Graduate Studies

Master of Arts in Teaching

Laura Brown
Vito Caricati
Dana Crosby
Anthony DeLorenzo
Brandon Dust
Justin Frederick
Danielle French
Matthew Glaub
Glenda Guevara
Roberta Kirkland
Kelsey Krause
Lauren Lewis
Rodolph Malabanan
Nicole Merritt-Quiles
Elizabeth Mitro
Lesley Mulholland**
Christopher Phillips
Matthew Pidel
Jonathan Reid
Roger Risch
Brett Rosenthal
Mark Secko
Johanna Witt
Ryan Wozniak**

**Dean’s Medal Recipient

School for Graduate Studies

Master of Business Administration

Carol Adamson
Christopher Amodeo
Jose Arroyo
Bridget Avila
Brian Beck
Candice Beck
Christopher Becker
Sarah Becker
Shelly Bessey
Alana Blake
Andrew Blake
Kyra Briggs
Jeremy Brogan
Catherine Brown
Nancy Burdette
Kelly Castro
Rosanne Cole
Veronica Commock
Heather Comora
Joseph Daniels
Dave Delwyn
Elizabeth Erwin
Sheila Faircloth
Stanley Fernandes
Steven Fiorillo
Kaleigh Fleming
Michael Frequenza
James Gaglione
Angiolina Galluccio
Scott Geer
Victor Gelman
Whitney Glass
Olivia Grant
Elissa Greene
Kimberly Hand
Jacqueline Hannon*
Erica Heim
Jeffrey Hellinger**
Sheryl Hertel
Tina Higgins
Ashley Hoogkamp
Raisul Islam
David Joseph**
Kurtis Kennedy
Ryan Kenward
Haitham Khalil
Elenora Levin
Britalena Liebers
Andrea LoParco
Doreen Malpeso
Stephen Marchand
Peter Marzahl
Peter McClain
Mattea McConnell
Rachel McDonough
Vincent Menten
Mark Miller
Joseph Milliman
Dexter Mojica
Anthony Monaco
Emmanuel Monegro
Suzette Monteverde
Eleni Moraites
Pedro Morales
James Munro
Raymond Negron
Anna Niemiec
Eduardo Noedes-Teixeira
Olufunmilayo Oladipo
Jacob Orffeo
Vincent Papasodero
Crystal Parrella
Meghan Patanian
Gail Peterkin
Rachel Petryna
Beverly Phyall-Settle
Sheryl Picton
Beth Plummer
Travis Podolec
Ricardo Reyes
Mark Rider**
Nicole Rivera
Alexandra Robinson
Miriam Romais**
William Rudick
Ranie Sangar
Erica Schupp
Catia Sepe
Linda Shi
Louis Siegelman
David Skinner
Nancy Slauson
Courtney Smith
Tracey Smith
Nechelle Stolzenberg*
Darcy Teal
Susan Theobald
Orlandito Torres
Tiffany Valentin
John Vellenga
Gerald Von Derau Jr.
Amber Waffle
Joseph Weiburg
Mandy Wendell
Louis Wilson
Julian Wyllie
Serge Zaslavsky

* 2018 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Recipient
** Dean’s Medal Recipient

School for Graduate Studies

Master of Education

Mae Backer
Bruce Beck
Mary Carley
Stephanie Carrera
Morgan Covert
Joy Davis
Ashley D’Imperio
Katherine Dunlop
Laura Dusart
Carolyn Eanes
Ezobia Felder
John Holmes
Ann Jungeun Hyun
Melanie Jones
Meagan Lalan
Joseph Lamere
Christen Lawicki
Louis Liberatore
Keri Marks
Robin Maurice
Nicholas Moyer
Nicole Quigley
Susan Rios
Sabrina Sakata
Evan Schlissel
Richard Sharpe
Simone Smith
Cory Sullivan
Michael Terry
Arena VanAlstyne
Christene Wenger
Joysi Zamora

All degrees subject to completion of requirements

Commencement Map

When we say that SUNY Empire is a college built around our students’ lives, we mean it. And graduation is no exception. We bring commencement ceremonies to our students across and around New York state, and we cooperate with partner institutions for international ceremonies. This year, SUNY Empire will host eight regional graduation ceremonies from Buffalo to Albany and south to Long Island.


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