College Logos

The SUNY Empire State College logo should appear prominently in all communication materials created by the college and its offices.

Using a logo consistently is one of the most important elements in establishing a look and feel that ties together all marketing and communication material.

With these guidelines, we are striving to avoid design chaos while maintaining a level of adaptability and creativity.

The logo should not be altered or redrawn, and its placement and sizing should remain consistent within each communication mode used by the college.

This guide for logo use is meant to do several things:

  • help you know with confidence that you’re displaying the SUNY Empire State College logo correctly
  • ensure consistency in its use across the college
  • prevent the creation of less than professional work
  • establish a standard of high quality for all representations of SUNY Empire State College’s logo, regardless of where it is used

Looking good is important.

The logo should be reproduced at a size that maintains the integrity of the mark and yields clean and legible lettering and art detail. The minimum size for the insignia of the logo in most applications is 1-inch diameter.

Logos need personal space too.

There must be sufficient space around the logo to make it stand apart from other visual elements. Text, headlines, photographs, or illustrations should never be closer to the logo than 1/4 the diameter of the insignia.

When appropriate, logos of non-SUNY Empire partner institutions — for example pathway partners — also may be included in SUNY Empire communication materials, as long as the SUNY Empire logo’s safety area is maintained.

Please do not attempt to create art for the SUNY Empire logo, insignia, or logotype for any application. Save your creative energy for other projects.

Misuse of the SUNY Empire State College logo:

The logo includes both the shield and the type, please keep them together. Don't modify the type or use it without the shield.

Maintain Proportions

When you place the print version of the logo in your software (i.e., MS Word) and need to resize it, hold down the SHIFT key. This will maintain the proportions and prevent skewing, as shown below.

It's more than type.

Don't substitute any other font for "SUNY Empire State College." The type has been designed as a graphic to work with the shield.

The Right Logo for the Right Application

Electronic versions of the logo have been optimized for quick download and screen colors. Please use the electronic versions of the logo for online applications. Same holds true for print. The print versions of the logos have also been optimized for printing from inkjets, to laser, to offset.

Perfectly Sized

We've created some typical sizes for Web applications of the logo. Please do not resize them (we know it's tempting for all you html gurus). If one of these sizes doesn't fit, contact Creative Services who will gladly make you a new, freshly minted version of the logo for your Web project.

Logo Files to Download

There are two versions of the logo - horizontal and stacked. Select from the links below to download the version that works best for you.


Right-click on the image below to download full size image.


PNG (Transparent Background)


Note: You will need Adobe Reader to read PDF documents. If it is not installed on your computer, download it for free from Adobe.