I am seeking a medical accommodation, medical exemption or religious exemption.

Medical Accommodation

If you need time to become fully vaccinated, you may apply for a temporary medical accommodation. This includes students who are not yet fully vaccinated, and international students who received a COVID-19 vaccine not authorized or approved by the FDA or the World Health Organization. Please submit requests to COVIDVaccine@esc.edu. Requests will be reviewed and granted on a case-by-case basis.

To get vaccinated, you may use the New York State Department of Health (DOH) COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling System. Many private companies and pharmacies also offer COVID-19 vaccines. Please check with your local providers for more information.

Medical Exemption

Students may be exempt from the vaccine requirement if a licensed health care provider certifies in writing that the COVID-19 vaccination may be damaging to your health. SUNY Empire will provide reasonable accommodations for these students if they need to do in-person studies.
Please complete the COVID-19 Medical Exemption Form fillable 9-1-2021 (PDF 181kB) and submit to COVIDVaccine@esc.edu. A committee will review requests and grant them on a case-by-case basis. You will be notified via email of their decision within five business days.

Religious Exemption

Students who hold religious beliefs that are contrary to the COVID-19 vaccination may be granted an exemption. Please complete the SUNY Empire COVID-19 Religious Exemption Form fillable 8-30-2021 (PDF 77kB) and submit to COVIDVaccine@esc.edu. You must explain how receiving the COVID-19 vaccine conflicts with your religious beliefs or practices. Philosophical or moral objections to the vaccine will not be accepted as a religious exemption. Students granted a religious exemption will be subject to certain restrictions. A committee will review your request and notify you of the determination within five business days.