General Education Document: B.S. in Science, Mathematics and Technology


Every SUNY Empire State College degree program must have at least 30 credits over seven general education knowledge and skill areas.

Knowledge Areas

M = Mathematics, NS = Natural Science, SS = Social Science, AH = American History, WC = Western Civilization, OC = Other World Civilizations, H = Humanities, A = The Arts, L = Foreign Language, C = Basic Communications

Note: All students seeking degrees are required to meet the general education knowledge areas of mathematics and basic communication. If the column for a knowledge and skill area shows at least one full (F) or two partials (P), then that area has been fully met.

Title or Documentation of ComponentSourceCreditsMNSSSAHWCOCHALC
Art Appreciation Empire State College Study 4                F     
Western Civilization II Empire State College Study 4          F           
Alienation from Kant through Marx Empire State College Study 4              F       
Modern History of Israel Empire State College Study 4            F         
Introduction to Psychology Transcript 3     F              
College Mathematics Exam 6 F                  
English Composition Exam 6                    F 
History of the United States I Exam 3        F             
General Biology Exam 6    F                 
Hebrew Exam 10                  F   
Areas Complete = 10 (requirement met)   ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ?
Total Credits (requirement met) 49                    

Source List

SUNY GETA, transcripts, exam
Individualized CBE/PLA
Pre-evaluated (ACE, NPONSI)
Empire State College study/course
SUNY Empire Online approved course
NYS Regents Exam (no credit)

See the associated degree program plan.