Checklist for Style and Format - Degree Plan Rationale

Elements of the Rationale EssayYESPARTLYNO
Your rationale is well organized and carefully structured.      
Your rationale has been edited and proofread for grammar, spelling and capitalization.      
Your degree program rationale is properly formatted: xxx xxx xxx
   - 12 pt. font with a standard font      
   -  standard margins      
   -  double spaced      
   -  pages numbered with your last name on every page      
   -  is in narrative form, limited lists or bullets      
Your essay’s first page header includes: xxx xxx xxx
   -  student name and ID number      
   -  mentor name      
   -  degree, concentration and registered area of study      
   -  date      
You have used the Degree Program Style Guide to: xxx xxx xxx
   -  Use appropriate capitalizations.      
   -  Use correct titles for institutions and studies.      

The Degree Program Style Guide will assist you in developing a rationale essay which meets the style and format expectations. Also see the Rationale Essay Content Checklist.