Guides for Frequently Requested Subjects

The College has prepared detailed guides in subject areas for which credit is most frequently sought through Prior Learning Assessment. These guides will help with the submission process for your individualized Prior Learning Assessment request. The guides below are meant to help you understand the knowledge and skills typically expected of someone who has a college-level understanding in a specific subject. Not all subjects eligible for evaluation are included. Please consult your mentor about evaluation of other subjects.

Below is an outline to help you get started with the documentation of your prior learning:

  1. Describe what you do
  2. Compare a real and hypothetical situation in this field
  3. Identify informal “rules” in this field
  4. Examine the role of a professional in this field
  5. Apply your knowledge in a problem-solving situation
  6. Identify critical issues in the field
  7. Teach others
  8. Offer additional information or evidence of your learning

For more information, please refer to our complete list of supporting materials  and the iPLA guide for students.