Business, Management and Economics Guidelines for Students Matriculated Before Jan. 1, 2004

The business, management and economics (BME) area of study comprises both professional and disciplinary studies. Programs in this area enable students to pursue educational and occupational interests and provide a solid foundation to function in a changing world. They include studies leading to an understanding of organizations and of the interactions among consumer, government, nonprofit and private-sector interests.

In order to function effectively as professionals, students need to:

  • understand the work environment and internal functioning of organizations
  • understand the impact of domestic, political, social, ethical, international, technological, economic and environmental issues
  • think critically
  • analyze situations in a variety of different contexts
  • develop a cogent argument and to substantiate their ideas
  • develop an appreciation of the cultural heritage of people having backgrounds and abilities different from their own, to respond to diversity
  • communicate effectively with a variety of audiences, in both oral and written formats
  • include computer experiences in their programs
  • master basic quantitative skills
  • understand economic principles

A student’s BME program should provide such learning opportunities. A broad selection of studies in the liberal arts and sciences also will enhance a student’s abilities to function in the increasingly diverse work environment

The responsibility for program development in the BME area of study lies primarily with the student. The studies chosen should support student-identified goals. In addition, effective programs must meet college requirements and must show progression, depth and diversity of study.

Specific guidelines have been developed for concentrations in the following areas:

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