Option 3: Bachelor's Degrees Leading Directly to Certification

Although Empire State College does not offer bachelor's degrees leading directly to teacher certification, the following chart outlines how a student may apply some study at Empire State College to a teacher-certification program elsewhere. Undergraduate teacher certification programs are usually designed for full-time, day students and require a full-time, daytime student-teaching placement (unpaid). Thus, these programs may provide limited access to working adults who attend college part time.

Undergraduate Requirements

The student completes a bachelor's degree from a four-year public or private college that has an approved teacher-certification program. The student meets the following requirements:

  • a major of at least 30 credits in an academic field that meets New York state requirements for the student's certification area
  • general education course work that meets New York State Education Department (NYSED) requirements for teacher certification
  • teacher-preparation course work that meets NYSED requirements.
  • other requirements established by the four-year institution.

Opportunities Through Empire State College

Academic credit earned at Empire State College may transfer into a four-year college that has an approved teacher-certification program.

The four-year college determines whether it will accept credit completed at Empire State College (or any other college) toward the bachelor's degree and toward initial New York state teacher certification. Private colleges are more likely than SUNY colleges to transfer previous college course work (including from ESC) into their degrees leading to teacher certification. However, private colleges have higher tuition rates.

Note: Four-year colleges generally do not accept teacher preparation course work from other colleges, so it is best not to take such courses prior to transferring.

The Best Preparation

  • a solid academic background in an academic field that meets NYSED requirements for the student's intended certification
  • general education studies that meet NYSED requirements for teacher certification
  • strong overall academic skills in writing, critical thinking and library- and Internet-based research.

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