Film in New York City

More than just a degree, Empire State College helped me convert my life and professional experience into a career with academic possibilities.” – Paula Heredia '05, at right, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker

SUNY Empire provides film students and existing filmmakers in the New York City area the academic resources necessary to earn an undergraduate degree in the arts, in a supportive environment that maintains respect for the artistic process. Our students range from experienced filmmakers to those new to the art form who interested in completing their bachelor’s degree through a combination of prior learning assessment credit for experiential learning in film and relevant course work.

Many students who are new to film or interested in exploring the art form more fully benefit from hands-on instruction and our small group settings. A degree concentration in film studies at SUNY Empire includes group studies in film production and post-production in our digital lab, as well as a full range of group studies and mentoring in screenwriting, film history, theory and diverse national cinemas.

Internships include work with:

  • Filmmakers.
  • Film festivals.
  • Distributors.
  • Production companies.
  • Post-production facilities.
  • Film archives.
  • Sound designers. 
  • Editors.

Through partnerships with many local and international film festivals, students incorporate attendance at festivals, workshops and seminars into their studies.


Ruth Goldberg, mentor

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