Status Updates

The list will be updated as new information is available. The most recent update was completed on Thursday, September 22 at 3:00 pm:

Missing Courses   Courses that an instructor expected to see in Brightspace are not available. Instructors impacted need to submit an Incident Ticket with the SUNY Empire IT Service Desk. Instructors should have access to all Fall 2022 15-week and Express Term 1 courses that were requested by the end of business on September 7.
Instructors who need JITS or are missing a course (eg. Express Term 2) should submit an incident to the SUNY Empire IT Service Desk (Please include the section number and CRN in the ticket). Instructors are encouraged to add notes to their open tickets to request updates. Please do not open duplicate tickets if one is open.  
LearnScape Availability To complete the integration of LEARNscape to Brightspace, and allow users to embed existing video content. On-going. The primary work needs to be completed by Kaltura (video vendor) and SUNY.  Empire is monitoring the progress closely. If you find any videos that are Access Denied or “tiny mce” links please report it by submitting an Incident Ticket to the SUNY Empire IT Service Desk. We will investigate and repair it.
Outstanding ITS Tech Tickets Relating to Brightspace   All tickets have been triaged and the instructor (or owner of the ticket) updated with status. ITS Enterprise Integrations group is working through these tickets. Currently, we have 60 open tickets (as of 3:00 pm on September 22).  This is a fluid number as tickets are opened and resolved throughout the day. All tickets are being triaged when an update is available, the instructor (or owner of the ticket) will be given a status update within the ticket.  ITS Digital Learning Environments group is working on these tickets. Since August 29, ITS has closed over 2400 tickets. 
Spring 2023 Course Requests Instructors needing courses that are still in Moodle that need to come over for Spring 2023 course term. An updated request form has been created.

Instructors are asked to submit their requests for courses to be moved from Moodle to Brightspace, new Non-term Primary Sources, and Spring 2023 term course offering to the form:

Student Enrollments Students who have been added or dropped from a course since September 12th are not all processing completely (eg. some students are still on Brightspace when they have been dropped in Banner, students added back into Banner are not populating back to Brightspace). The issue has been reported to SUNY to address enrollment changes that are not processing.

This issue has been resolved. Students since September 12 have had their enrollments updated in Brightspace, and we have resumed updating enrollments daily.

It can take 24 hours from the time the student added a course on Banner for their enrollment to display in the course. If a student is still not seeing their online course after 48 hours,* they should update an existing Incident Ticket or submit an incident  to the SUNY Empire IT Service Desk. 

*Please note: Not all instructors for Virtual Study Groups, Residencies, Independent Studies, Just in Time Studies, Totally Individualized Studies are using Brightspace for their study. Students should first check with their instructor that the course is going to be on Brightspace before submitting an incident. If a course needs to be added in Brightspace, the instructor should submit the request to the SUNY Empire IT Service Desk with the course information (please include the section number and CRN in the ticket).

ADC Access to their Schools The Undergraduate Deans have decided that ADCs in all Schools should have access to all courses within their school. This request was made to provide access and is being processed by SUNY. This issue has been resolved.
All School of Undergraduate Studies ADCs should now see all courses within their school under the "My Courses" widget and can best find a specific course using the "waffle" (a search tool) that is in the upper-right hand corner of Brightspace.

If you see any additional concerns in a course, submit an Incident Ticket to the SUNY Empire IT Service Desk.  

SUNY Empire State College's Digital Learning Environment

Brightspace by the Numbers*

Students who self-enrolled in the SUNY Empire Brightspace Training CourseStudents Who Have Been Awarded for Completing the SUNY Empire Brightspace Training CourseInstructors who self-enrolled in the SUNY Empire Brightspace Adjunct Training CourseInstructors Who Have Been Awarded for Completing the SUNY Empire Brightspace Brightspace Training Course
3912 166

*Last Updated 9/21/22

About the Transition

SUNY Empire State College is implementing a new Learning Management System (LMS), Desire2Learn’s (D2L) Brightspace LMS. The college will be transitioning from our former LMS, Moodle, to Brightspace starting with the Fall 2022 term.

This decision was made following a broad and consultative Request for Proposal (RFP) process led by SUNY with a selection committee membership that represented all campuses in the system. The contract between SUNY and D2L has been approved by the Office of the New York State Attorney General and the Office of the New York State Comptroller. 

The transition to D2L’s Brightspace provides SUNY Empire with the opportunity to join a shared Digital Learning Environment (DLE) that all SUNY campuses operate within. This can be a great benefit for students, faculty, and staff alike. It allows for a single LMS platform; consistent templates; and a common set of online tools integrated with the LMS to reduce redundancy and confusion across the system.

For more information about the systemwide transition, please see SUNY’s Digital Learning Environment site.

Have questions? Ask the steering committee by emailing