Faculty and Staff Members with Disabilities

What to Do and Who to Contact

The information provided below is designed to assist faculty and staff members working at Empire State College who have or may acquire a disability while employed.

Empire State College is committed to ensuring equal opportunity and access in education and employment for all qualified persons and prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities, in accordance federal, state and local laws. It is college policy to provide reasonable accommodation to a person with a disability to enable such person to perform the essential functions of the position for which he/she is applying, or in which he/she is employed.

An employee may request minor informal accommodations directly with their respective dean or vice-president. Informal requests are not considered ‘official’, do not establish a record, and are not subject to laws pertaining the rights for persons with disabilities.

The Reasonable Accommodation Procedures outlines the formal accommodation process for Empire State College employees to ensure that requests are treated in a consistent and equitable manner and in accordance with the law. All medical documentation is confidential and protected by law.

All requests for formal accommodations must be submitted to the affirmative action officer in the Office of the President. Accommodation forms are available via Empire State College's secure log in page. Please visit the Human Resources website  or contact Mary Ellen Keeney, Affirmative Action Officer, for more information.

Developed in conjunction with Empire State College’s Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Reasonable Accommodation Procedures document.

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