Recordkeeping and Confidentiality

The Family Education Records Privacy Act (FERPA) governs the release of information pertaining to a student’s disability. Information about a student's condition is released only to those college employees with an educational need to know in order to perform the duties of their jobs, including:

  • center disability representative
  • dean of the center
  • collegewide disability specialist
  • director of collegewide disability services
  • mentors and/or tutors with whom the student is working
  • other college employees as determined by the student’s particular situation.

The college does not need the student’s permission to release information about his or her need for accommodations to those college employees with an educational need to know the information in order to perform essential elements of his or her job. Generally, information regarding a student’s approved accommodations is released to the mentors or tutors the student is studying with each term.

The student will need to complete a Release of Information if he or she would like the center disability representative or the Office of Collegewide Disability Services to discuss his or her disability and need for accommodations with an individual who does not work for the college.

Recordkeeping and a Student's Disability FIle

Information regarding a declared disability is maintained separately from the student’s official college record. At Empire State College, the student’s official disability record is maintained in the Office of Collegewide Disability Services in Saratoga Springs. All paperwork submitted to the center to request accommodations is sent to Saratoga Springs to ensure limited access.

Certain information also is maintained in the center disability representative’s office. This includes the student’s completed declaration and release (if applicable), as well as copies of any communication between the student and the disability representative. A copy of the student’s accommodation plan also is housed at the center for future reference.

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