Student Action Plan: A Step-By-Step Guide

Choose whether or not you will disclose your disability to the appropriate individual on campus.

At Empire State College, this means submitting the Disability Declaration and Request for Accommodations form to your center’s disability representative or the Office of Collegewide Disability Services.

Open the lines of communication by knowing who to speak with and how to contact them:

  • center disability representative
  • Office of Collegewide Disability Services

Develop timelines for:

  • submitting documentation, the earlier the better
  • following up with key contacts at Empire State College
  • understanding your accommodations
  • making use of your accommodations
  • ongoing communication.

You are encouraged to contact your mentor with questions about your studies, or your center’s disability representative or the Office of Collegewide Disability Services with questions concerning accommodations; however, please try to build a reasonable amount of time into your expectations for how frequently and how quickly mentors, disability representatives and other staff can review your request and respond.

Some accommodations (i.e., ADA Part-Time TAP and alternative textbooks) require documentation and may take longer to process and implement. Students are encouraged to start the accommodation request process early.

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