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Course Numbering System

Understanding the way that courses are numbered for the Online Learning may help you plan your degree program. Online Learning course numbers are a combination of three letters and six digits.

The letters identify the area of study:

  • ART - the arts
  • BME - business, management and economics
  • CHS - community and human services
  • CUL - cultural studies
  • EDU - educational studies
  • HIS - historical studies
  • HDV - human development
  • LAB - labor studies
  • NUR - nursing
  • SMT - science, mathematics and technology
  • SOC - social science.

The third digit identifies the course level:

lower level
1 - freshman
2 - sophomore

advanced level
3 - junior
4 - senior.

The last digit identifies the credit amount.


BME-212314 = business, management and economics, lower level, 4 credits

CUL-221232 = cultural studies, lower level, 2 credits

NUR-204085 = nursing, advanced level, 5 credits

SOC-263634 = social science, advanced level, 4 credits

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