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New course(s) added for Spring I 2017:

Introduction to Literature (CUL-221404)

Course(s) cancelled for Spring I 2017:

Interpersonal Small Group Communicatons (CUL-222332)

Correction for the 2017 Spring I term

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (CUL-281324) change in Gen Ed for SP1 2017 term. Effective for the SP1 2017 term, this course will meet Gen Ed in Humanities. Updated description below:

 Description: What are Women’s Studies? What are Gender Studies? What are feminism and feminist theory? Where do they come from and where are they going? This introductory course provides students with an interdisciplinary base to explore questions of gender, sexuality, and power, and their intersections with race, ethnicity, class, age, nation, and disability. The course includes historical thinkers and events, global perspectives, and voices from new generations of feminists and gender identity thinkers and activists.

 Important Note: this course was renamed effective the September 2014 term and was formerly offered as Introduction to Women's Studies. Students who have successfully completed 281324 should not enroll in this course.

 For students enrolled in this course prior to the SP1 2017 term: This course meets the General Education requirement in Social Sciences.

 For students enrolling in this course as of the SP1 2017 term: This course fully meets the General Education requirement in Humanities.

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