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Why Online?

Taking courses online offers convenience and flexibility for students with busy lives. Of course there are deadlines, but students can work at times, days and locations that are convenient to their schedule.

Register for courses and order your textbooks — online.

Use the communication tools within the online course to stay in touch with the instructor and classmates.

Students work through courses under the guidance of an instructor. Instructors are specialists in the course content and available to help you in your studies, evaluating assignments and monitoring your progress through a course.

Guiding Your Academic Journey

You will work with a faculty mentor to develop an individualized degree program that builds upon your interests, life experiences, needs and goals.

Communication with faculty and course instructors is via our learning management system, as well as by email, telephone and online discussions.

It Isn't Easy

Many think that distance learning is a breeze.

The reality is that distance learning courses require:

  • the discipline of systematic study
  • concentrated reading
  • carefully thought-out, written assignments
  • thoughtful participation in course discussions.

Successful distance learners set aside substantial blocks of time for study. For example, for a 4-credit course, expect to invest a minimum of 10 hours of study time per week. Study time will include your text reading, written assignment(s) and discussion posts.