Finalizing a Successful Semester

Submitting Final Grades

Saying Goodbye

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Saying goodbye is never easy. Hopefully, you are concluding a rewarding term highlighting solid virtual relationships and high student achievement.

As you assess student work throughout the term, be aware of the SUNY Empire Grading Policy.

Grading and Evaluation Policy for Undergraduate Programs

Pay close attention to the Administrative Withdrawal (ZW) grade in the above policy as a ZW grade should be recorded in a timely manner throughout the term when possible.

SUNY Empire encourages feedback from instructors. If you have suggestions for course improvements, please reach out to the course supervisor or School Dean.

SUNY Empire Contact Information

Submitting Final Grades

At the completion of the term, final student grades must be submitted to the Registrar's Office via SUNY Empire's Self-Service Banner System. Meeting the deadlines for entry is very important to students as final grade postings have many implications, such as financial aid and employer reimburment.

To enter grades, login to MyESC:

MyESC Login

Select Self Service Banner on the Faculty Home Page:

Location of the Self Service-Banner button in MyESC

Select Faculty Services:

Location of the faculty services button in Self-Service Banner

Select Submit Grades:

Location of the Submit Grades button in Self-Service Banner

Note that the self-service screen above is a portal for other useful administrative tools:

  • Grade Changes
  • Course Rosters
  • Faculty Schedule

If you require assistance with Self Service Banner or submitting final grades:

Contact the Registrar's Office

Saying Goodbye

In Preparing your Virtual Classroom we discussed the importance of warmly welcoming students into the virtual learning environment where you will work together. Similary, it is meaningful to conclude the course with a sincere farewell announcement.

This announcement can include various end-of-term administrative details:

  • How incompletes are handled
  • When final grades will be posted
  • How to contact the instructor after the course concludes
  • The best avenue to provide feedback on course

This is also a nice opportunity to summarize learning. Students are often focused on moving on to the next task in a course. When accomplishments are summarized at the end, students will be able to reflect on their increased proficiency in the course content.

A thoughtful concluding message from the instructor sends a strong message to students about relationships formed. It is not uncommon for SUNY Empire students to face great challenges as they try to complete their course work. Recognizing their successful completion, despite these obstacles, encourages students to persevere as they continue their education.

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SUNY Empire Online faculty members have established a shared Community of Practice in Microsoft Teams. 

Engaging with colleagues regarding current research and established best practices is an important part of the lifelong learner philosophy of SUNY Empire. 

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