Sign out a bike to get around Saratoga Springs

Thank you Blue Sky Bicycles of Saratoga Springs, N.Y. for helping the college provide safe bicycles and necessary accessories.

How to sign out bikes

Rules about the Bike Share Program

Where bikes are located

Where bikes can be taken

What equipment comes with each bike

Trouble on the road

Routes to take across town

See a video of the kick-off event

How do I sign out a bike?

Bikes can be signed out online through your Lotus Notes calendar.  First, be sure you have read and signed the Bike Waiver Form (PDF 9kB) and mailed it to Sadie Ross at 2 Union Ave.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to use this file. If you are unable to open the file, please contact Sadie Ross to have a copy sent to you.

Directions for sign out:

  • open your calendar in Lotus Notes
  • create a new meeting
  • give your meeting a descriptive subject such as “Reserving a Bike”
  • enter the date and time that you will need the bike; as an estimate, it takes about 15 minutes to bike across town one way
  • put yourself as "required to attend"
  • click the resources link
  • choose which bike and at what location you would like to reserve
  • use the calendar under “Find Available Times” to make sure the bike is not already in use
  • click “OK”
  • save and "Send" the meeting.

A Few Rules

  1. A waiver must be signed before signing out any bike. Please print the waiver form, sign and mail it to Sadie Ross at 2 Union Ave.
  2. Helmets must be used at all times when on the bikes.
  3. Riders must obey the rules of the road.
  4. Please be courteous and return bikes on time. If you are unsure of the amount of time that the bike will be needed, sign out for the greater estimate.

Where are the bikes?

  • One bike is in the stairwell of 2 Union Ave in the basement. 
  • One bike is in the mechanical room of 113 West. This room is locked. Please ask for the key at the front desk. 

Where can I take the bike?

The purpose of the Bike Share Program is to provide transportation to and from meetings pertaining to Empire State College within Saratoga Springs. However, if the bikes are available they may be signed out for activities not pertaining to work. Persons using bikes for nonwork-related activities should not reserve bikes more than one hour before they will be used.

What comes with the bike?

  1. Each bike is equipped with a helmet, a small bag that attaches to the frame, a multi tool for raising and lowering the seat, a lock and key to use if you are going to tie up the bike somewhere, and a velcro strip for restraining ones pant leg. Helmets must be worn when biking.
  2. Each bike has a water-bottle holder. Each rider must provide his/her own water bottle.

All bike accessories are found at the front desk at 113 West and 2 Union Ave. Except, at 2 Union Ave the helmets are located in the breezeway of the back door. Please remember to bring the bike lock of you are going to lock the bike up anywhere, and this includes any of the college bike racks. 

What if I get a flat or some other trouble?

If you get a flat tire or the bike chain comes loose, just call the cellphone number in the bag on the bike frame. Someone from facilities will pick you up and take you where you need to go. Arrangements will be made from that point for your safe return. This pick-up arrangement is for emergency only. Facilities personnel will not respond to calls for inclement weather, so please plan accordingly.

What route should I take between West Avenue and Union Avenue?

There are many ways to traverse the 1.4 miles across town. The least amount of traffic is on Grand Avenue or West Circular Street:

  • Optimal route, West Avenue to Union Avenue: Turn left out of the parking lot and cross West Avenue. Take a quick right onto St. Charles Place. Turn left onto Grand Avenue. Grand becomes Congress at Franklin Street. Cross Broadway and continue on Congress. At the light, turn right onto Circular Street and arrive at Union Avenue. Remember to use crosswalks at all times.
  • Optimal route, Union Avenue to West Avenue: Turn left out of the Union Avenue parking lot behind 2 Union onto Circular Street. Cross Broadway and continue onto West Circular Street. Turn right onto West Avenue at the light. Arrive at 111 and 113 West Ave.

On the way back east, be sure to follow the flow of traffic. When the road becomes one way, follow the traffic as if you were a car and turn right at the light, then left to cross Route 50.