The College's Sustainability Plan

Sustainability Executive Summary (PDF 394kB)

The Sustainability Committee was created in 2010 with the vision of serving a growing body of students while generating a smaller carbon footprint, providing a full range of studies and degree programs related to the environment and sustainability and modeling environmentally sensitive behavior in communities across the state. Furthermore, the committee was asked to play an active role within SUNY and beyond to advocate for sustainability initiatives throughout higher education.

The Green Path was the committee's strategic plan. Now, years later, most of the plan has been accomplished. The committee has moved on to maintaining the hard work that has been done and creating new opportunities for staff in addition to the goals set in the Green Path. The Director of Environmental Sustainability and the Senior Director of Facilities ensure that the changes in the college that were implemented as part of the Green Path are institutionalized. A cohort of faculty continue to think of new ways to integrate sustainability into the curriculum.

Although the committee and the program are structured differently now, the Green Path remains the guiding principal for sustainability initiatives across the college.