Dependency Review Form 2017-2018


Student Section

Student's Name:______________________________________SS#________________

Permanent Address:______________________________________________________

Email Address:_________________________________________________________

1a. Student's marital status:________ 1b. Date of marital status:___________
2a. Student's total earned income 2015: $________ 2016: $_______ est. 2017: $______
2b. Student's total other resources 2015: $________ 2016: $_______ est. 2017: $______
3. Was student claimed by parent(s) or legal guardian in: 2015: $________ 2016: $_______ est. 2017: $______

4. Explain circumstance which justify treatment of student as self-support (attach other sheets as necessary):


5. Attach documentation; describe below.

Nature of documentation:___________________________________________________

Source:__________________________________________ Date received:__________

Nature of documentation:___________________________________________________

Source:__________________________________________ DaterReceived:__________

Student signature:_________________________________________________________

School Section:

6. Action: Approved:_____________ Denied:_____________ Date:___________

Additional information requested:__________________________________Date requested:______


Mail or fax this form along with documentation of your circumstances to:

Financial Aid Office
Empire State College
111 West Ave.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

FAX: 518 581-2782
Phone: 518 587-2100

Contact us

Fax: 518-581-2782

Mailing Address: 
Empire State College
Financial Aid
111 West Ave.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Questions? Contact the Student Information Center at 518-587-2100 or 800-847-3000.


Code: 010286
Name: SUC Empire State College

TAP Codes

Undergraduate: 0913
Graduate: 5680 (for graduate students applying for Veteran Tuition Awards)


Students planning to attend 2016-2017 should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid for 2016-2017.   Students wishing to get an early jump on applying for financial aid for 2017-2018 (enrollments beginning on or after May 15, 2017) can do so by submitting the 2017-2018 FAFSA.

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