Start the Process

To have your prior learning assessed, you will be documenting your learning in an ePortfolio using a template based on the Global Learning Qualifications Framework (GLQF). The template prompts you through guided questions about your learning and asks you to provide evidence of your learning along with your reflections.

Once you have documented your learning, you will submit your ePortfolio for an evaluation.

The evaluation is also based on the GLQF. Your documented learning is aligned with how it will be evaluated.

The main steps are to:

  • document your learning
  • provide evidence of your learning
  • have your learning evaluated for college/university level credits.

You can request help from a faculty mentor (advisor) throughout the process.

What will you be doing?

You need to determine if you want to have your learning assessed. The button below takes you to some questions to decide if you wish to continue and pursue prior learning assessment.

Once you have decided to have your learning assessed, you will need to:

  1. Decide on the topic of your learning. You will be answering some question to determine the topic that you want to have evaluated. Set aside some time to explore the following questions as it may take a little time. You may need to consider your skills and experiences before we get to your learning, as you may have additional learning that is considered college/university-level.
  2. Access more information on how to prepare your ePortfolio and credit request. Begin building your ePortfolio.

Contact an Advisor

To speak to a SUNY Empire State College advisor about your ePortfolio or to ask questions about the process or the Global Learning Qualifications Framework, email

Include your name and phone number with your question.

An advisor will contact you within two business days.