Graduate Certificate in Emerging Media and Technology for the Arts

The proliferation in media has created myriad opportunities for pursuing artistic vision, electrifying corporate training and engaging young people in new ways. This graduate certificate program serves as a “master class” in the newest and emerging technologies: students delve deeper into media arts, educational gaming, multimedia performance, control software and human interaction, even as they integrate these technologies with their own unique projects.

Ideal for

  • successful artists who seek to master emerging media for their own projects and their work in classrooms
  • K-12 teachers, instructional coordinators, vocational instructors, college faculty, librarians and others, who are charged with engaging media-savvy students
  • Corporate trainers looking to re-energize their offerings and move beyond traditional methods.


  • Choose your own adventure. Students tailor their experience in each course to their own projects, objectives and vision.
  • Connect with accomplished peers. Students have included award-winning artists and recording engineers, faculty at other colleges, published authors and other noted professionals.
  • Learn from distinguished faculty. Faculty members are not only respected educators and trainers, but also successful artists in their own right, including directors, choreographers, performers and digital media artists, among others. They work intensively with students to help them bring their individual work to a higher level.  
  • Collaborate with peers and faculty. Through this program, faculty and students regularly collaborate among themselves and with each other on a range of projects, from public performances to youth education.
  • Take your project further. Many students stage their capstone project in a public presentation, or build on it as part of their Master of Arts in Learning and Emerging Technologies studies.
  • Enjoy flexibility. All courses take place online, with enrollment available in fall and spring terms.

Program Design

Courses are taught online and students may begin the certificate program in the fall or spring terms.

Required Courses and Suggested Sequence

EDET 6040 Performance Theory (3 Credits)

This study begins from the premise that theory is practice and practice is theory. During the course of the term, students will critically think about performance and make performance in their own contexts. This course engages performance as an object of study, a method of research, and a theoretical paradigm in a range of interdisciplinary contexts, with a focus that returns to theatre and media studies. It is structured in a way that allows students and faculty to connect with each other and the material through readings, discussions and performance attendance/viewings and critique. We will examine an array of performance theorists, artists, artist/theorists and theorist/artists, in order to practice performance as a way of thinking about the complexities of the world(s) we live in.

EDET 6065 Emerging Media and the Arts: Theory and Practice (3 Credits)

This course builds on experience in digital media, human interaction, interface design, learning design, performance theory and practice, or any creative process or expression medium. The course explores ways in which digital media alter the potential of human interaction, learning and performance, from virtual immersion and gaming, to stage design and collaborative improvisation. It draws on theories of communication and mutual engagement from performance studies, some psychology and educational theories and applies them to the analysis of interaction in varying contexts. A core intellectual concern is the nature of human engagement – in all its forms – and the use of technology as a means of enriching or enhancing it. The course has multiple strands. One is for arts students who wish to gain additional skills in computer-mediated communication, interaction design, media and electronic arts and associated technologies. The other is for technically literate students who wish to be trained in performance theory and practice. Another is for the educator exploring the potential of learning in digital immersive technologies. The course draws upon multimedia systems and interactive design, performance theory and performance practice, learning theory and technology. Group and collaborative projects will use various software applications, with a focus on ISADORA programming, and will typically involve the construction of a performance/learning environment.

Elective course (3 Credits)

EDET 6065 Capstone: Digital Media Arts and Technologies (3 Credits)

Students will consider facilitation and teaching approaches that enhance participant learning, engagement, collaboration and success. The seminar will involve engagement in related theory and practice of teaching in online and blended environments. Topics will include new literacies and digital epistemologies, rethinking teaching pedagogy, mediating the co-creation of knowledge within networks and accessing and creating digital resources. Participants will develop, demonstrate and evaluate learning activities individually and in teams. Topics will include areas such as the use of games, social media in teaching, badging and critical literacies for all generations of learners.

Admission and Advisement

Admission to the certificate program requires the applicant to submit an official transcript of his or her bachelor’s degree, along with a completed application. Advising will be provided by certificate Program Coordinator Susan Forbes.

While the 12 credits are fully transferable into the M.A. in Learning and Emerging Technologies, acceptance to the master’s degree will require candidates to apply to the program and complete the full admission process. Completion of the graduate certificate does not guarantee admission to the master’s degree program.

Advanced certificates may be incorporated into a related master's degree for those meeting the program admission requirements.

Apply online or request information for more details on the Certificate in Emerging Media and Technology for the Arts.

Tuition and Fees

Students completing this certificate pay the following tuition and fees:

Federal financial aid is not available unless concurrently matriculated in a master’s degree program.