Graduate Certificate in Women and Corporate Leadership

The advanced certificate in Women and Corporate Leadership focuses on helping men and women understand the barriers and issues they may face as they seek women’s upward mobility or career changes within traditionally structured male-centered organizations.  The program also supports the understanding of the issues, barriers, and benefits from the inclusion and advancement of women in organizations.

The certificate program will provide opportunities to foster awareness, develop sensitivity about gender diversity in the workplace, and explore the implications for individuals and organizations. The course content provides students with the opportunity to develop skills and competencies that will increase their value to employers and maximize contributions to the workplace as students strive to promote women’s leadership in their professional lives.

Program Design

Courses are taught online and students may begin the certificate program in the fall or spring terms.

Required Courses and Suggested Sequence

High Performance Management (3 credits)

This course focuses on the managerial leadership roles and competencies needed to translate strategic visions into tactical and operational plans. It also examines tools and methodologies to improve organizational efficiency and productivity through integration, communication and the management of knowledge-based organizations. Students identify, develop and apply competencies associated with the dynamics of change and flexibility, and then balance them with the competencies required to lead with stability and control.

Women in Management (3 credits)

The overall purpose of this course is to understand how perspectives and perceptions of male and female managers affect the workplace.  This course will examine: gender inequality in organizations, links between work-life experiences, inter-group relations and exclusion from social networks, the role of women in multinational corporations and entrepreneurial businesses, the impact of both formal and informal mentoring programs, and participation of women in senior management. This course is required for the advanced certificate Women and Corporate Leadership.

Women Leaders in Global Organizations (3 credits)

Women Leaders in Global Organizations explores the fundamental issues about why women managers are not progressing to senior international management positions at the same rate as men. In the course students examine the barriers that must be overcome in their organizations to be recruited, trained, selected, and developed for consideration in international positions. Students explore the unique challenges and competencies needed by women managers in multinational corporations. The course will also focus on such issues as dual careers, cultural norms, home country management, expatriate development, and standards for foreign assignments. Students will also be exposed to and investigate the career progression and success of women managers in various countries. This course will broaden students’ perspectives, emphasize management competencies in global organizations, and validate student experiences. This course is required for the advanced certificate Women and Corporate Leadership.

Women and Leadership: Strategies for Success (3 credits)

This course identifies leadership and communication strategies to enable women to communicate with higher levels of confidence and self-belief. Networking and self-promotion strategies to help overcome corporate barriers that limit or inhibit women’s access to upper level positions are also covered in this course. The course also includes a discussion about ethical leadership, moral courage, and organizational integrity as important factors characterizing women’s leadership. A competency framework will be used to highlight the relationships between hierarchical levels and executive roles and responsibilities, and examples of successful women executives will be used to illustrate the efficacy of the different strategies. This course is required for the advanced certificate Women and Corporate Leadership.

Admission and Advisement

Admission to the certificate program requires the applicant to submit an official transcript of his or her bachelor’s degree along with a completed application. Advising will be provided by the certificate program coordinator, Dr. Betul Lus.

While the 12 credits are fully transferable into the MBA program, acceptance to the MBA will require candidates to apply to the master’s degree program and complete the full admission process. Completion of the graduate certificate does not guarantee admission to the master’s degree program.

Advanced certificates may be incorporated into a related master's degree for those meeting the program admission requirements.

Apply online or request information for more details on the Certificate in Women and Corporate Leadership.

Tuition and Fees

Students completing this certificate pay the following tuition and fees:

Federal financial aid is not available unless concurrently matriculated in a master’s degree program.


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