Combined Degree Programs in the Master of Business Administration in Global Leadership

Enrollment in a combined program allows highly qualified, current SUNY Empire State College students to work on the Master of Business Administration in Global Leadership while completing the bachelor’s degree.  Up to 12 credits of designated master’s courses are incorporated into the bachelor’s degree program and will count toward both the bachelor’s degree and the master’s degree. 

Program Requirements

The combined program requires 157 credits total, of which 45 are master’s credits leading to the M.B.A. in Global Leadership.  Students must meet all college, AOS and relevant concentration guidelines.

The program requires careful planning that should begin in the first term of student’s undergraduate career at Empire State College.  The student and the primary mentor should consult in planning the undergraduate degree program so that these requirements are met during undergraduate study and that the 12 credits of master’s courses from M.B.A. in Global Leadership program are also include in the degree plan.    Students must meet graduate expectations for academic progress and grade point average in their master’s level courses to remain in the combined program. 

­­­­­­­­Combined Program Admission

Admission into the combined program is highly selective.  Matriculated undergraduate students may apply to the combined program and will complete all of the application requirements for the master’s degree program.  The admission application process includes a review of all course work completed and a minimum GPA of 3.2, two recommendations (one must be from his/her SUNY Empire State College undergraduate primary mentor), and admission essays.  Students should also have 3-5 years of managerial or professional experience.

Prerequisite Courses

Applicants must include undergraduate level courses or their equivalent in: statistics (3 credits), macroeconomics (3 credits), microeconomics (3 credits), and accounting (3 credits).

Combined Program Courses

Core Courses

  • MGT-651634, Global Leadership Competencies, 3cr
  • MGT-651622, Ethics in Global Environments, 3cr

Elective Courses

Choose 2 (6cr). Special requests to substitute these electives with others will be reviewed by M.B.A. in Global Leadership coordinator w/ final approval by Business, Management, and Leadership Chair.

  • MGT-651557, Consumer Behavior, A Global Marketing Perspective
  • ECO-650616, International Economic Development for Managers
  • ORG-651638, Women Leaders in Global Organizations
  • MGT-650601, Dynamics of International Business
  • MGT-651640, Innovation in Global Enterprises
  • MGT-651619, International Business Communication


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