M.B.A. Enrollment Sequence

The following is roughly the enrollment sequence for the MBA program. This will vary depending on credits that you earn through assessment and approved transfer credits. The only hard and fast rules regarding the MBA enrollment sequence are:

  • Executive Assessment and Development (or Leading the Civilian Context) and Scanning the Business Environment must be taken during the first term(s).
  • Managerial Reasoning may only be taken after completing Executive Assessment and Development, Scanning the   Business Environment and High Performance Management.
  • Strategic Analysis and Executive Choice must be completed in the term prior to taking Strategic Executive Leadership.
  • Strategic Executive Leadership must be taken last.
Course NameNominal CreditsAssessable Credits
Executive Assessment and Development or Leading in the Civilian Context (for Veteran and Military Pathway)  * All Independent Direct Assessments will be completed during this course 3 0
Scanning the Business Environment* 3 0
High Performance Management 3 3
Management Information Systems 3 3
Human Systems and Behavior 3 3
Accounting and Finance 3 3
elective 3 0
Operations Management 3 3
Managerial Economics 3 3
elective 3 0
Managerial Reasoning* 3 0
Marketing Management 3 3
elective 3 0
Managerial Decision Making 3 3
Strategic Analysis and Executive Choice 3 0
Strategic Executive Leadership* 3 0


48cr 24cr

*Residency required

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