Master of Science in Applied Analytics

The master's in Applied Analytics is a 30 credit hour, on-line, professional master’s graduate degree program. It provides students with the necessary skill sets to make informed decisions based on the statistical analysis of data relevant across industries and organizations. This master’s degree provides students with strategic approaches to decision making within public and private institutions. These strategic approaches will be used to develop frameworks for solving analytical problems, decisions on which data needs to be collected, what information systems can be effectively used to collect the data, and what analyses should be performed in order to inform institutional decision making.

Program Design

This 30 credit hour program is taught through online instruction. The program is designed with 6 core courses, 3 concentration courses and the experiential capstone course. The six core courses will enhance students’ mathematical and technology skills. This core curriculum is supplemented by three concentration courses in decision making and management, in which students will apply the skills learned in the core courses to their concentration of choice: healthcare, marketing, management, or education. The experiential learning capstone allows students to apply their skills in a real-world setting.


In addition to a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college/university, applicants must have undergraduate level courses in statistics (3 credits) and information technology (3 credits) to be considered for admission. Students who are missing one or both of the prerequisites, but are otherwise qualified and accepted into the program, will be required to take one or both of these courses before starting the core classes.

Required Courses

The courses below are required for all concentrations.

  • INFT-6015 Database Design and Management, 3cr.
  • APAN-6015 Data Models and Structured Analysis, 3cr.
  • APAN-6010 Computer Aided Multivariate Analytics, 3cr.
  • APAN-6020 Data Mining, 3cr.
  • MGMT-6095 E-Commerce and E-Business Technologies, 3cr
  • MGMT-6185 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making, 3cr.
  • APAN-7010 Capstone Practicum, 3cr.

An additional 9 credit hours in concentration courses are also required.

Concentration Courses

MarketingHealth CareManagementEducation
MGMT 6155 Strategies for Marketing Research, 3cr PPOL 6020 Research Methods, 3cr PPOL 6020 Research Methods, 3cr PPOL 6020 Research Methods, 3cr
MGMT 7005 Global Marketing Strategies, 3cr HCLM 6065 Higher Performance Leadership in Healthcare Organizations, 3cr

MGMT 6105 Leadership in Public and Nonprofit Organizations, 3cr


MGMT 6040 High Performance Management, 3cr

CURI 6015 Leading in a Learning Environment, 3cr
MGMT 7030 Marketing Analytics and Brand Management, 3cr HCLM 6015 Health Information Management and Informatics, 3cr APAN 6025 Applied Management Analytics, 3cr EDET 6080 Evaluation, Assessment and Data Driven Learning Design, 3cr

Capstone Practicum

The capstone will provide students the ability to apply concepts in applied analytics to real world situations through an internship. This internship may be created at the student’s current place of business, where a data analytics project is identified and completed outside of the student’s normal job responsibilities. Other options include working with organizations identified by the college that will require the completion of a data analytics project. The capstone project will operate as a team collaboration with the student, a supervisor at the organization, and the course faculty member.