Enrollment Sequence and Independent Direct Assessment

Courses labeled with * are blended, i.e., they combine online instruction with attendance at the executive retreat. Courses labeled with ** are suitable for assessment opportunity and, therefore, students may seek to obtain credit for these courses through Independent Direct Assessments (IDAs). The following is the enrollment sequence for students who will be studying part time:

Course Enrollment Sequence


Mastering Leadership in Healthcare Organizations*, 3cr
Analysis of Healthcare Markets and Health Policy*, 3cr


Health Information Systems and Informatics**, 3cr
Healthcare Economics**, 3cr


Healthcare Financial Management**, 3cr
Quantitative Methods & Healthcare Operations Management, 3cr


Elective, 3cr
Elective, 3cr


Evidence-based Decision Making in Healthcare Organizations, 3cr
Elective, 3cr


Elective, 3cr
Elective, 3cr


Elective, 3cr
Strategic Executive Leadership for Healthcare Organizations*, 3cr

 * = Executive retreat-based course
** = Assessable course


Elective Options

Some students use electives to broaden their exposure to new areas of knowledge, while others use them to focus their skills or knowledge in a particular area. The term registration information will provide you with a listing and description of electives offered through the School for Graduate Studies and those specific to the MBA/HCL program. Electives also are offered during the summer term.

Sample Electives

  • Governance and Trusteeship
  • Health Legal and Regulatory Affairs
  • Healthcare Accounting
  • Healthcare Quality Control and Compliance Risk Management
  • Strategic Corporate Communication and Inter-professional Collaboration
  • HR Competencies for Healthcare
  • Competencies for Healthcare Ethics
  • Healthcare Marketing Services
  • High Performance Leadership


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