MALET Enrollment Sequence

The typical enrollment sequence is as follows:

First 6 cr EDET 6005 - Learning with Emerging Technologies: Theory & Practice, 3 cr
EDET 6010 - Media Literacies in Emerging Technologies, 3 cr
Second 6 cr EDET 6015 - Instructional Design for Online Learning Environments, 3 cr
EDET 6020 - Issues and Ethics in the Digital Age, 3 cr
Third 6 cr EDET 6025 - Assessing Learning in Digital Environments, 3cr
elective, 3 cr
Fourth 6 cr EDET 6030 - Advanced Design Seminar: Portfolio Project, 3 cr
elective, 3 cr
Fifth 6 cr elective, 3 cr
EDET 7010/15 - Proposal Seminar - Capstone or Research, 3 cr
Sixth 6 cr elective, 3 cr
EDET 7020/25 - Final Project - Capstone or Research, 3 cr
Total 36 cr  

The graduate fall and spring terms are 15 weeks long, and the summer terms have some offerings for eight weeks and some for 15 weeks. The exact enrollment sequence should be planned by the student and the academic advisor.


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