MSIT Enrollment Sequence

You may choose a track in Cyber Security or Web Technology. Elective courses (6 credits) may be used to reflect your interests and to reinforce the individual focus of your degree.

Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)
Foundation Course (3 cr.)* INFT 6122 - Essentials of Information Technology: Programming and Networking

Core Courses
(12 cr.)
INFT 6127 - Information Technology in Organizations
INFT 6132 - Advanced Networking and Telecommunications
INFT 6137 - Enterprise Systems Architecture
INFT 6142 - Computer Systems Security
Track Courses
(12 cr.)
A. Cyber Security B. Web Technology
INFT 6147 - Enterprise Information Security INFT 6152 - Enterprise Web Systems
INFT 6157 - Data and Application Security INFT 6040 - Advanced Internet Application Development
INFT 6045 - IT Security Policies and Procedures INFT 6050 - Mobile Systems Development
INFT 6055 - Computer Forensics INFT 6060 - Cyber Security
Electives (6 cr.) Elective
Capstone (3 cr.) INFT 6060 - Information Security Integration Strategies INFT 7010 - Web Systems Integration Strategies

*Students who are lacking prerequisites will start with this MSIT foundation course.


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