Graduate Residencies

group of individuals seated at a graduate residencyGraduate students and faculty from across the state and country come together for two days each residency.

Your Chance to Network, Collaborate and Learn

  • provide the opportunity to network face-to-face with students and faculty with similar academic and professional interests
  • complement the online courses in areas where individual and group interactions enhance student learning
  • develop teamwork and oral presentation skills

Current Residency Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

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A residency is two or three day academic event where you meet together with fellow students and your course instructors. The actual dates and times of your residency sessions will vary by program. Specific information and schedules are posted each term.

The residency enables your instructor to establish a framework and common understanding about the topics being studied and the ways in which you can individually, and jointly, pursue them.

Residency activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • hearing guest speakers and panel discussions
  • viewing and discussing films
  • meeting face-to-face with instructors and advisors
  • networking opportunities
  • analyzing case studies, films, common readings
  • working in small groups
  • attending workshops on specific skills.

The courses you enroll in will determine how many and which residencies you are required to attend.

Registration is automatic when you register for a course which has a residency component; you do not need to take additional steps prior to when you check in at the start of the residency itself.

M.A. Policy Programs

If the required courses are taken two at a time, you will need to attend three residencies in total.

M.A. Liberal Studies Program

If the first two required courses are taken in the same term, you will need to attend two residencies in total.

MBA in Management Program

If the first two required courses are taken together in the same term, you will need to attend three residencies in total. The three required residencies are linked to specific courses located at the beginning, middle and end of the program:

  • Beginning: two courses, Scanning the Business Environment and Executive Assessment and Development
  • Middle: Managerial Reasoning
  • End: Strategic Executive Leadership.

The residencies are held in the Capital District of New York — either Albany or Saratoga Springs.

Attire is business casual.

Residency sessions will take place in meeting rooms, so you may want to dress in layers since the temperature settings in these rooms can be difficult to control.

Consult with your instructors.

You will be responsible for your own travel arrangements and hotel accommodations. We do reserve a block of rooms for students at the hotel in which the residency is being held.

For each residency,  degree specific schedules, travel support and a discounted room block in the hotel the residency is being held at will be available online.

Space is limited; therefore, we cannot guarantee room availability. Please view alternative accommodations for Saratoga Springs or Albany to help you plan if this should occur.

We encourage you to make your reservations early.