Beirut, Lebanon Residency Program

Empire State College, in cooperation with the American University of Technology (AUT) and the American University of Science and Technology (AUST), offers students from various areas throughout the Middle East the opportunity to earn fully-accredited, American, undergraduate degrees. The Cyprus Residency Program, the predecessor of the current Lebanon Residency Program, began in 1986. Eventually, the program evolved and moved to Lebanon in 1997. Students learn through a combination of short-term residencies with faculty and online learning.

Concentrations are currently offered in:

  • audiovisual arts
  • business management
  • communication: public relations
  • communication: radio and television
  • computer science
  • environmental design
  • finance
  • graphic design
  • hospitality management
  • management information systems
  • marketing and advertising
  • political science/international affairs

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