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Educational Technologists are located strategically across ESC to offer both online and face-to-face support as needed to the whole college community. Ed Techs:

  • Work with faculty to enhance teaching and learning through the introduction of pedagogy in the use of educational technologies.
  • Consult with faculty to develop and implement pedagogically sound materials or tools for instructional use.
  • Design and deliver workshops and trainings for online tools and media.
  • Reach out to faculty and staff with individualized approaches.
  • Assist faculty in creating and integrating open educational resources (OERs) into their courses and learning opportunities.


The EdTechs seek to improve the access to engaging and high quality technology-enhanced learning opportunities to students across Empire State College.


The Educational Technologists (EdTechs) work with Empire State College faculty, staff, and students to enhance instruction and learning through promotion of pedagogically sound models in the use of technology, online tools, and multimedia technologies for teaching and learning. The EdTechs across the state collaborate with faculty and staff to create technology-mediated learning experiences and to integrate a variety of ITS-supported technologies in support of pedagogy and learning goals.

Educational Technologies Staff

Nathan's research interests include increasing access to STEM experiences through innovative technology integration and faculty development. Whitley-Grassi has served as the principal investigator (PI) or CO-PI on several SUNY Innovative Instructional Technology Grants including “Ecology and Earth Science Virtual Field Experiences OERs: Expanding Access to Field-Based Research Techniques for Students at a Distance”, “Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP): On-demand Discovery Learning Professional Development” and “Quality By Design: Faculty Development that have provided professional development opportunities for hundreds of SUNY faculty on campuses across the system. Whitley-Grassi teaches in the Master of Arts in Learning and Emerging Technologies (MALET) program at the ESC School of Graduate Studies

Education and Certifications

  • PhD Education - Walden University
  • MA Physical Anthropology - SUNY University at Buffalo
  • Grad Cert Ecology Evolution and Behavior - SUNY University at Buffalo
  • BS Biology - Armstrong State University

Having worked in the field of instructional technology for almost twenty years, Coleman first became interested in computer-assisted learning while conducting doctoral research. She has served in various capacities at ESC for over nine years, and currently, as Senior Educational Technologist at ESC, she is most interested in the use of blended learning models, accessible design and instructional uses incorporating social media.

Education and Certifications

  • ABD Romance Linguistics - Univeristy of Alberta
  • MA Spanish - SUNY University at Buffalo
  • BA Spanish - SUNY Brockport

Cantrell has ten years of experience working in higher education.  Her interests in educational technology focuses on using video games for instruction as well as student-centered learning.

Education and Certifications

  • BA English Literature - Edinboro State College of Pennsylvania
  • BA Psychology - CUNY Brooklyn
  • MS Curriculum Development & Instructional Technology - SUNY Albany

Background in music education, performance and recording. Interest in Community of Inquiry model through student collaboration within the online learning environment and the engagement of the digital learner in a constructivist-based learning environment. Interests and research regarding multimedia tools, open educational resources, accessibility and digital community to enhance online learner engagement. Teaches courses instructional technology, design and social media marketing.

Education and Certifications

  • MS in Curriculum Development & Instructional Technology - SUNY Albany
  • BM in Music Education - SUNY Potsdam, Crane School of Music
  • Recipient of SUNY Open Cote Instructional Designers Competency Certificate

Coming from a background in music education, performance and technology, Kim has worked extensively in the application of technology in student-centered pedagogy, student engagement and success. She has seamlessly translated her expertise in the acquisition of musical skills and techniques to further the faculty’s effectiveness in the creation and use of digital artifacts, learning objects, and emerging platforms in their pedagogy. Current work and research include the on-going development and understanding of digital fluency in higher education and its implication on the faculty and students at Empire State College.

Education and Certifications

  • MA in Music and Music Education - Teacher's College, Columbia University
  • BME - Florida State University College of Music

Jill’s background is in teaching English Language Arts, Public Speaking, technology, and research. She has worked in different career fields beyond the educational realm and has served as the technology liaison in a number of those roles by teaching colleagues and clients how to use and troubleshoot the technology available to them. Jill is also a writer, photographer, and film maker. Her passion in 21st century pedagogy is the use of video and television production in education.

Education and Certifications

BS in English Education 7-12 – SUNY Buffalo State
MSEd in Educational Technology – SUNY Buffalo State
Recipient – Excellence in Educational Technology Graduate Student Award – SUNY Buffalo State

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