“Blackboard Collaborate™ is a…web conferencing solution built for education and training. Engage with the material and your students. Thanks to robust collaboration and conference tools, everyone feels like they're in the same room together, regardless of their location or device.”  

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A series of knowledgebase articles are available for both faculty and students to get you started. 

How to Get Started:   

If you’d like to add a Bb Collaborate Session as an activity in your Moodle course or talk with an educational technologist about Bb Collaborate you can submit a request ticket. 

Interested in learning to use Moodle, or expanding your knowledge of this LMS?

Useful Links

Table of Contents for Knowledge base articles

LEARNscape videos

Training Request

To request training in the use of Moodle, please submit a request using the link below. Moodle training and support is provided for new faculty (adjunct, full , or part time), faculty who just need a refresher or are maybe new to teaching online classes, and experienced faculty and want to better learn advanced features.

Service desk request form for moodle training for an instructor

Course pour

To set up a moodle shell/request a course pour, submit a shell request form

If you are encountering a problem in Moodle

submit an incident ticket


A plagiarism resource

Request an instructor account

Training Materials

LEARNscape videos

The college's very own youtube allows students and faculty to host video content.


Table of Contents for Knowledge base articles

Making a Your Media Public

Publishing your media content - this allows people other than you to view our LEARNscape content


Ordering captions for your content

Editing captions

ESC's state-of-the-art immersive telepresence learning environment

Introduction to ICL video

We currently have ICL rooms at our Staten Island, Saratoga, Buffalo, Rochester, and Selden locations with more on the way.  If you are interesting in teaching using this methodology, request a consultation and your friendly neighborhood EdTech will assist you.

Open Educational Resources or OER are learning resources that are available in the public domain and that are licensed in a way that allows use and modification by others.

Resources for creating your own OERs

OERs that we have created or assisted with

Scientific Method OER

Ethograms: Cataloging Animal Behavior OER

Biodiversity OER

Introduction to Microscopy

Visual Pathways


Writing with Sources: Paraphrasing & Quotations OER

Writing with Sources: Summarizing OER

Writing with Sources: In-Text Citations Using APA OER

Writing with Sources: The APA Reference List OER



ESC’s website hosting platform open to all faculty and teaching staff who desire to enhance their online presence and exposure.  Faculty and teaching staff can have their own easy to remember URL at sites like FLast.facultysites.esc.edu

Resources / Support Documents:

All ESC Faculty, Staff, and Students have access to Linkedin Learning for free as long as they are part of ESC.

Access Linkedin Learning


This is an excellent resource for creating dynamic online discussions, presentations, or oral exams. 

What is VoiceThread video

All ESC Faculty, Staff, and Students have free pro accounts on Voicethread as long as they are part of ESC.  To log in, go to esc.voicethread.com and use your ESC sign on information

For all other consultation or training requests not covered by the above categories, submit a request here

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